Celebration gift Euw

Hello, is it possible that the players who have decided to move to the EUW region have the option to get the celebration gift? I had no idea that it was linked to a steam account and since we lose practically all our progression in our original server, it would be nice to be able to get at least this, and even then together I think it’s still not enough, thanks

It was handed out after EUW opened and it went to your product inventory which is account-wide. If you have claimed it on one of your EUC characters you won’t be able to get it on EUW.

Im on Asta EUC and didnt receive it!

I know that if I have claimed it in the EUC I cannot do it in the EUW, what I want is for it to be possible, it is simply unfair

I mean they didn’t realise it till after EU West rolled out so it was your choice to claim it on whatever Region. It sucks you don’t get it on all Regions but they did make it clear that was the case.