Celebration gift wrong server

As many people already wrote, yesterday, during the server downtime on Central Europe, I went to Europe West to try a new class while the game was down. I got to Prideholme and just accepted all the gifts I had, thinking it was the bonus of playing on Europe West. Since it said “Accountwide” I thought I will just get it on every character I make but appearantly not, now I am playing on my main on Central Europe and dont have the gift in my Inbox and dont have a mount either, would love to have that transferred or atleast fixed in any way… especially since I am not the only one with said problem


same i went to euw to try the servers and i thought the celebration pack is region wide went back to EUC didn’t receive anything

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True. The Celebration Pack is region wide. EU West and Central are different regions. When you claimed it on EU West and then go back to EU Central, it stayes at EU West.

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Same here :frowning: .

same problem here, could you get a solution for the problem? :confused: