Censored Skins and Lost Ark Business Model

One of main revenue source for Smilegate is Avatar Skin.

I personally don’t care much about skins unless they give you some sort of stat bonus in the dungeons/raid.

Also I think Amazon censoring skins are stupid anyway. Amazon cares more about media than the players. Media don’t buy the skins, players do. So boycott skins if they are censored once their skin revenue falls off drastically they are going to stop caring about what media says about skimpy looking avatars and release skin without censoring.

Similar thing happened in Korea with the height of radical feminist movement. There were many radical feminist in Korean gaming industry as designer/voice actresses and they started to voice their opinions on some of the character designs which rubbed the player base wrong way.

Approximately 95% of the player base were male (I think it changed a bit but I think about 80% of player base are still male) and the players started to boycott the games that favored radical feminists. Less than a week gaming industry realized that it was the players who raised the revenue not the radical feminist.

Amazon also need to realize that the players are the ones who spend money on game and not the activist group.

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