Censorship in every single game!

Why every single game gets censored clothes?
It makes Amazon Game MOST SHITTY game publisher ever. New World is dying and you just wanna kill Lost Ark. There is more! You also gonna kill Blue protocol the same way. GTFO from EU, we don’t need stupid game publisher here who just ruin every single game they publish here


you could move to korea

then you wont have that

also you dont have to play that games , where censorship is a thing

just play games without censorship
that easy

So the reasons why games die is because publishers take a game from a different region with specific traits (Koreans being all white mostly) and they try to make it more appealing to a wider audience.


Because KR has a childlike character that has 70% of it’s outfits with revealing clothes, and AGS just adds some extra clothing.

I see based arguments OP. Well Done.

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Weird. How come it’s more appealing to a wider audience in the whole USA and EU market and we have way less players than KR alone?


So according to your argument the reason why we have less players is because of AGS’s censorship. is that what you are implying?

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Have you seen the world we live in? There’s a certain demographic that are offended by their own reflection in the mirror.


The censorship is no problem at all. Even the skins that got censored are still very good looking. There are other problems that are bad for the games health…

Maybe thought it is rules of your country or continent or game legislation that prevents certain things from being allowed wherever you are.

Video game censorship are efforts by an authority to limit access, censor content, or regulate video games or specific video games due to the nature of their content. Some countries will do this to protect younger audiences from inappropriate content using rating systems such as the
rating system. Others will do this to censor any negative outlook on a nation’s government.


Why do you people always jump to artist when it comes to censorship, you do realize they also censored generally all other female classes in the game right? Ones most noticeably skins/costumes for females, starting gear, and the transformation for Shadowhunter.

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  1. The Sh hunter was not censored because it was “revealing”

  2. Yes, i focus more on the Artist, because the other classes already have revealing outfits too. They censored the starting outfits and did very minor changes on some other outifts. That’s all.

  3. People jump mostly on the artist because it’s logical to censor it. I saw a video showcasing all Artist skins from KR and i was really baffled by the amount of revealing clothes the class has.

“logical to censor it”? EU it’s not fucking China. Amazon games is the only publisher who do this in EU. They are braindead if they think that’s standard “thing” in EU -,-

Censorship is stupid yes, but I wouldn’t stand on the ground of EU or it’s member states as a model to look to in regards to it. Just look up Section 4A Public Order Act 1986.

I think the OP might be dumping a few things together, and although I agree AGS still has a lot of work to prove it’s place on the market, let’s not imply some sort of direct relationship.

Personally I have nothing at stake, I don’t plan to have an Artist nor does the aesthetic changes bother me at all, but if some speculative “reason-whys” may bring you peace, here’s my effort:

  1. AGS seems to be very close to the current californian-leftist monolithic cohort that emphasizes monochromossomic characteristics as good proxies of “representation” while conflating their vision with that of the world or worst, of reality itself.

  2. Because an intrasigent minority will get angry on twitter about it, or it may upset your very veeery busy politician (scale it to every country they have rights to publish the game), to cut the corners, they go their way out to make those changes.

  3. Some genius in the market department is still trying to convince Bezos that they can increase their target audience if they make the game more “accessible”.

Ultimately, as a private company they don’t need to provide any reason at all and most likely they never will (because shame is also a thing -see Twitter stay woke shirts), and even if the adoption rate is low because of that, I wouldn’t bet they would reverse any of those changes.

So, if the carthasis have reach you by now, the only variable you can control is you, to keep playing or not, and one day we may or may not be able to map “censorship” as a significant source as the cause of failure of AGS and Lost Ark, personally I think time spent on this could be allocate somewhere else, but that’s me and I’m not a publisher, so, good luck to us all.

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Oh no children are getting censored to not wear panties and bikinis what a shame, oh wait no that’s just common sense.

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u can go elsewhere in the internet where nothin is censored, u know. that’s one option.

Lmfao, anyone who thinks Blue Protocol is truly ASG “redemption arc” needs to get checked because not only did they failed not 1, not 2, BUT 3 GAMES in a row New World, Lost Ark, and now Blue Protocol already starting off on a bad start with censorship and washing that NOBODY asked for. This has already pissed off a lot of people anticipating this game, and he thought there was hope to begin with, broooo. :sob::sob::sob:

He’s him.

  1. It was changed/altered from KR, to a darker tone. You cannot even identify your model at all, if you look at the kr and na side by side you will noticed there is a huge difference between seeing and identifying your character.

  2. You saying it’s minor is concerning, if you’re being a SJW because you think it’s right to use censorship as ASG wants it please let me know. Censorship in any game is shit, it’s still censorship no matter how you put it.

  3. I don’t care about artist censorship, she is a character many people who dislike seeing her in skimpy outfits aren’t even going to play as her anyways. She is just as any female character that has gone through censorship. The thing with the west is the cultural differences we don’t see the same as Asian culture in which we cannot move away from seeing Artist as a child. I truly don’t give two shits about whether she has censorship or not, the bigger problem is the “adults” characters that has gone through censorship.

But I understand if you’re a SJW you wouldn’t put it to rest.


go next fam, this ain’t it

People like that don’t care if things make sense or add up or not, they will shill for a dogshit company all day for reasons unknown to normal people.

I don’t see AGS censoring the literal child characters wearing bikinis in Punika, the U.S. is the same country that has child beauty pageants (somehow video game characters are bad and unacceptable but real life children are a-ok).

AGS goofing up and literally doing blackface on characters (dark skintoned faces but they didn’t change the color of the hands or arms from pasty white) is quickly forgotten.

AGS’s reasons given for making the SH changes are a load of horse shit and everyone knows it. They just ignore the hundreds and thousands of people that want the OG versions back.

It’s all just goofy shit and AGS is an absolute dogshit company.