Censorship is wrong!

if it’s to take off panties and a mini-skirt, that should be taken out of the entire game, not just specific characters.
censorship sucks, the game was designed one way and the skins were created one way, so keep it that way.

vykas is an example, why not censor her moans that it is much more sexualized than a “panties/mini-skirt”?
for me all who agree with censorship are hypocrites


im surprised that they didnt add any pants to all of the skirts costumes for all females


Accurate. I don’t know why AGS chose to publish an eastern game just to change it to their personal “western standards”(referring to this and not Artist). If I were the devs, I’d drop the contract immediately.

If you can’t publish the content, don’t.


I agree with you, so much censure in Lost ark, and the changed skin colour yea so bad NPC look. Some NPCs are so weird looking…

BTW what do you think about this costume when it comes to NA/EU are they gonna censor the under-booba?


they gonna just make the top longer and cover the underboobs i bet


As much as I’m sure this is bait with a username of “lovelolis” equating vykas, a character coded to be an adult to a specialist/yoz a character coded to be childlike, like you’re not even trying… It’s getting very disturbing how many people are bothered they can’t see a panty shot of a character coded to look like a little girl…


The outrage people are having to not have the horny skins for children is seriously disturbing. BuT tHe LoRe… no dude seriously, seek help. They’re literally, like kana said, coded to look like a child


Aaah yes, the “coded” arguments, those that basically take away autonomy from adult characters to be capable of making their own choices, take away the freedom of what they can interact with and body shames to get their arguments across?

by the by, the average height for women in America is 5’4, and across asia, the average is as low as 5’.

So, if you’re an average-height woman, have a hobby from your childhood, and happened to look youthful, then that means you can’t have relationships with other consenting adults, since they’re clearly just pedos?


if it’s to take off panties and a mini-skirt, that should be taken out of the entire game, not just specific characters

And Why AGS doesnt Censor males and only Censors females? What did they do to AGS that they hate them?

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That last point has to be trolling. The average height for women is way under 5’7.

The design of this character is pretty much borderline gray area. Sexualizing child character pretty much don’t fly in NA/EU. The anime weeb mentality of a 1000 years old grandma that looks like a middle schooler just won’t work here. My guess is they are not taking any chance getting in trouble. The character is adorable, but some of the skins from KR may be consider inappropriate. This is the only censorship that sounds logical to me.


if panties/mini-skirts are as bad as they say they are, then they are ruining the image of women in the game so they should be censored too.

if it was me just not have any panties and mini skirts that show paties, dunno why people like to stare at pants in games and boobs, p0rn in free and u can see the real deal.
gmae need more decency and some people brains.

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I wrote something almost 100% similar in Zeals chat over a week ago. The mods and the chan went crazy (Zeals was cool though). I was banned for it as well after being called “idiot”, “projecting” etc.

Censorship is not wrong, if i don’t want you to see something I’m gonna censor it to show you that you have no choice or control over what you see, only I do. Get in line. /s

The things you are saying seem pretty weird, might want to be a bit more introspective.

Before anyone makes the assumption I want to point out that I am a 25 yo woman of Asian descent who grown to be 5 ft and look like I’ve never gone through puberty. So believe me when I say I’m seriously not trying to look up the skirt of a video game character.

Am I like projecting here? Cus honestly who out here is trying to fuck their characters? I honestly see no problem with artists in mini skirts, because I’m not actively trying to fuck my artist, you know what I’m saying?

Now what I do have a massive problem with is that they allegedly decided to delay artist release just because they needed to cover them up. Nobody asked for this. Not only a) people has been waiting for artist for almost a year now and b) there are so many more problems with this game and they chose to spend their time on putting pants on characters??? While my raids are constantly resetting because of dcs, while getting mail limits and list limits, while bots running rampant is just about anywhere. Really, you’re telling me, pants??? Jesus Christ


the artist class looks like a child same with aeromancer. this is why they are changing artist costumes but not the other grown up looking female classes


bro there is a difference between Vykas body and a childish artist body lmao…



It’s fine I just hope they won’t censor the other skins though there is some under-boob skin coming it will probably not come then I guess

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