Central EU Servers

I know that there has been an anouncement that New EU server area is coming and they hgave put ouit that there can be a lengthy wait to login. But I am now getting server is full and no sorry you can not login to the game at all. Just shuts down.
Yeah it popular yes I dont mind waiting I get it but when I have Paid £87 for the founders pack and get told the computer says NO why did I pay for it. it like a little slap in the face.

Then they say oh btw if you change to the new servers once up you cant take anything with you, so all founders player are like well I wont move. So how will this work?

There needs to be some movement from the teams involved.

Try it over and over again multiple times.
Its the login servers that are failing due to too many requests probably.

I got around that yesterday on my 9th try or something. I know its annoying, but just repeatedly try it to get in.