Central Europe Servers

I have yet to check on other Servers, but Central Europa is a disaster in terms of login queues.
And I assume, its not any better on other Regions. Esp. Zinnervale and Kadan are unplayable. I have to login via Teamviewer from my Phone at like 4 PM so I can play the game when I get home from work. I beg you, do not butcher another launch. This game is great and I’ve played it plenty in its Beta. I don’t wanna be walled by bad/too few servers. I really hope you’re prepared for the 11th.
Whilst I could just go to a less-populated server, I wanna play with friends on our preferred server. Especially when we already made reasonable progress and used our Loot from the Founder’s Pack. Each of the more populated servers would probably need like 10-20% more capacity, in order to get no/a reasonable login queue at all. I don’t mind a login queue, if its not several hours.

Edit: Keep in mind I’ve used my Founders Pack already, so changing servers is a very sub-optimal argument and would make me loose the precious goodies.



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Indeed, once again Amazon is in deep trouble when it comes to the European Servers. Thought they had learned just a little bit from New World, but I guess they dont learn. Sad, sad story

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XDDD. “I really hope you’re prepared for the 11th.”

No they are not prepared for it. I just cant run the game because when the game loads in to server lists, then it just crash out because of :
“Error code: W0x2-0PELPWN1N2NT”
“Can’t connect to the server, exiting game”

Actually i just paid 15 euros for the bronze pack, its not a huge amount of money, and i’m right about nobody forced me to give money for a f2p game beacuse i get a headstart and some ingame content, but anyways i have 25 hours of gametime on steam, but i was in 7-8 hours of login queue under the HEADSTART 3 days. I dont know how is the server things works but someone answer a question for me please. If u already saw a number of how many player “pre-ordered” the game already, why is it just so hard to prepare with servers with overcalculating the numbers wich means the servers can handle like more 20-25% of players than the actual pre-ordered numbers, or why dont u create 5-10 more servers for not get blamed for problems like this, and if 2 server is a deadserver, u just do the same thing in NW, just merge them? Because sadly the login queues issues were been there in the first hour of the game after it started hardly on 02.08.

I love this game, but i cant set free my half of the day to play the game, because of the 2-3-4 hours of login queues, and also i just dont want to suffer with team viewer or other tools to get into the game at the right time, under my work hours, so just please do something :frowning: :slight_smile:
I thought that companies that have inmaginable amount of resources, and made mistakes that ruined in the same way their previous project, will learn about their mistakes, but it seems i was too naive .

But as i said i still dont really know how is these large player count server things work or what is needed to get a right setup for one or more servers.

Please dont take it too serious, answer my question, if you had your own opinion what is not match with mine, i’ll take that!
I dont want to fight on the inter because of some game issues, just want to argue some questions.

Also i can understand that every beginning is hard, but in my opinion here was some helping indicators for your beginning.

And also i know that right this eu central server issues will be fixed soon.