Certificate of Pirate Missing

Hello, I’m finally finishing up the process of creating Astray, but I’m missing the Certificate of Pirate item given as the reward for the Pest Control Reputation. I’ve completed the reputation & it says I’ve claimed it but I cannot find it on any of my characters. Is there anything that can be done? :sob:

I’m in NAE - Una Server
My main’s name is Bitboy

Hello @Xstacy270 !

I see this is your first post, Welcome to the Forums! :smiley:

I’m sorry to hear about you not being able to find your certificate of pirate for crafting the Astray ship. I understand how this can be quite confusing!

Thank you for the information provided. Did you claim the reward on your main, or was it on another character? I can definitely check this for you, please do let me know so I can assist you accordingly!

Thank you for your patience!


To be honest, it was probably a long time ago… I’m not exactly sure… It could’ve been hidden away in one of the character I’ve deleted before too. Is there anyway to recover it? And thanks for the welcome :smiley:

I’ve went through all my characters and I was not able to find it either.

Thank you for all the information provided!

After checking, I was not able to find it. For a more in depth investigation regarding this situation, I’d recommend that you Contact Us so that one of our colleagues can help you raise a web ticket catered to your specific situation. They’ll be able to further escalate this and see what is happening here!

Do keep in mind that I can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to grant this item to you.

Thank you very much for your patience!