CEST Timer should be fixed right?

@Roxx Is in game timer going to be fixed in this 8 hours patch or do we need to keep playing with 1 hour behind for another week?


you are dreaming

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xD right


@Roxx Don’t want to bother more with that topic but for me and many other players from europe that swapped from CET to CEST, almost everyone, even Italy that isn’t even Europe Central, are bored of this 1 hour delay. Our daily reset is already setted at 11 am idk why but can we have some info about that?

Let me check back in on this – I believe part of the challenge was the multiple time zones across Europe and settling on one server time for all, but lets see if there’s more insight I can share.


Thanks a lot for response

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Why can’t you just adapt?

I managed to do fine when the server time was one hour ahead of my local time. Now its same time as local time for me.

EDIT: nvm i see you mostly just want daily reset an hour earlier.

Not like the majority of europe uses the same timezone which is the one that currently is not used.


also please can you check on the crystal benefactor title red tot bug ? thank you.

There is another post for that bug

Are you really asking me to adapt when there are 9+ regions that swapped their time? ok i guess, makes sense

lol amazon and smilegate think europe is one country, usa has SIX timezones that aren’t a problem anymore for us :joy: i’m sorry EU players


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There’s also regions one hour behind and one hour ahead of cest, they seem to manage.

they’ve got at least half a human thinking about it you might get your clock fixed by 2025, it’s not like you have any important timers to meet to get your daily materials

right… wait right

Hello, i am from Romania and normal we are 1 hour behind but idk if you know eu changed last month on summer time 3 am is now 4 am… and servers are sill on the winter time…i get daly resets at 1 pm rly…
Sorry for bad english.

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I mean obviously forgiven, there’s no forum for Romanian so you are more than welcome to us.

Is the same for a lot of players, I live in italy myself and we are 1 hour ahead of the server’s timer

Just keep using CEST but the time is currently 1 hour behind CEST

There is no challenge, it doesn’t matter where you live since the time used is where the datacenter is and the times of things in game are based on that.
It’s been three weeks or more that the in game time is still 1 hour behind, the global chat time is 2 hours behind, and the event icons are still bugged not showing the time remaining at the start of the event.

@Roxx I’ll give you an additional information, the games that don’t adjust the winter/summer time of the server give the option to choose which time to show on the clock, server time or local time.
So either adjust the time or have the devs implement this option.


I thought Europeans are big brains and can easily add/substrate one hour