Chain quests stopping midway and not giving next quest?

So i do not have any of the issues with the main quest dissapearing on my account and all seemed fine and have been playing pretty much all day without issue. however, i noticed something strange in the wildflower garden area and the chain quests on this island. i accepted 3 of them on this island and none of them completed to the point of giving me the stat potion and or card. they all either after first quest just disappeared or after 2 or 3 disappeared and didn’t continue.

for example in this image provided i completed the quest marks or messages, but after that the entire chain dissapeared and i could not continue

I don’t know every specific case but this is intended in most quests. Often the continuation to the quest is either “hidden”, meaning you have to find an object or a place with yellow sparkles floating in the air and interacting with it. Other times the quests require you to come at a later time or after clearing another quest.

My advice is that you search for a guide for the quest in google before thinking it just disappeared. If after meeting the criteria of the guide the quest is not there, you can confirm that it just disappeared. Good night.

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Hello @Rivoss
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I’m sorry the chain quest is disappearing midway

Please try this troubleshooting to check if it is a bug.

  1. Close Lost Ark completely
  2. Force Stops Steam
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Verify game files on steam (Steam Support:: Verify Integrity of Game Files)
  5. Re-launch Lost Ark.

Let me know how it goes!

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this seems to have been the case, i was confused because all of the ones i had done previously started and continued from the same npc. i have found the next parts to the quests now.

i did this but this changed nothing, thankfully though the other user who replied was correct in what was happening, there was no error just me misunderstanding the system

Thank you so much for sharing :smiley:
Cheers! :partly_sunny: