Challenge Guardian - Levanos

Someone needs to check the settings on the Challenge/Trial Levanos. 0/3 on pugs and the best we got to was 25%. I would bet the health is set wrong, unless it’s supposed to be close to impossible to finish?

hum… killed it…; easily…

Did you use weakpoint skills / destro bombs ?


did all of them fine…

It is as easy as its T2 counterpart, really. Spank that fucker, nuke the sapling when it spawns. Repeat until death.


Ok must’ve been the pugs. Yeah was using weakpoint and bombs.

Was he broke quite “fast” ?
did pugs swapped on the tree when spawn ?

what? bait? its impossible.

People need to put weak point on their bars.

If you are a bard, please get that rid of the holy Sphere drop and pick up the one that applies double weak point. Dropping 2 level 2 weakpoints with a single ability is much more effective than a destruction bomb…then rhythm buckshot…then a destruction bomb if your group is really lacking that much.

If you are a sorc, almost everything you have applies weak point and lots of it. If you run the +1 weakpoint, 2 stacked inferno, you can also apply double level 2 weakpoint which is insane destruction.

Gunlancer surprisingly lacks a lot of weakpoint despite being a stagger god. They did buff shield bash to apply weak point though REJOICE!

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Yeah everyone was swapping to the tree as it showed up.

I’m a GL main, I really like the change to shield bash. It’s always been on my bar anyways since I’m blue.

This is the last boss in the raid tier so it’s meant to be difficult but it’s safe to say that a majority of the difficulty in PUGS is RNG. You either get people who bring consumables and know mechanics or you don’t.

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This is a challenging raid guardian. It’s supposed to be difficult for more greater rewards. The scaling of the boss is equalized to the gear that it is supposed to be defeated in so naturally the boss will be challenging and it’s the reason why it’s named challenging in the first place. You only need to beat the boss once a week to claim the rewards. This is more than doable. You fail and try again. Time is on your side. You only need 1 kill for a boss per week.

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Didn’t encounter an issue, took a bit of time I guess.

he is not the last. He is ordinary boss. Need destruction but that’s about it. Abrelhastic is the last. Now that will be pug challenge if they can be chosen or have some + version.

He took a bit longer than the others but no issues whatsoever

Got to 8.4% in a pug, decided to solo it since they ate up all my lives… Got to 51% after 13 minutes. I think the scaling is broken on this thing… Like the destruction requirement does not change between 1 and 4 players. Took way too long to get through his armor, then he just gains it back before I can push the phase. This is using destruction bombs, and 3 weak point 1 hits every 15 seconds or so.

Did it today with no problems with 6 min kill time. Levanos is good example of where you need to adapt and bring more weak point skills instead of using your optimal dps setup.

most class can sacrifice 1 or 2 skills to get more (if not enough already)

This is also where people really “understand” their class and build : they know what change for a specific fight.

Indeed. On normal setup with my Paladin I only have 1 weak point skill, but for Levanos I was using 3.

He’s the last in that tier which is what they seem to base their scaling on. The truth is the boss isn’t that hard but the complete randomness of the boss is what is hard.

Badly designed boss in general. The hardest part is making sure you don’t get a pizza phase near an obstruction and that the boss doesn’t linger in his own shit the entire fight.

Edit: I honestly thought they were referring to Velganos lol. The same thing applies to that boss though he can put his tree in the dumbest locations. I wish they would make these maps good for the encounters. Or at the minimum transition the boss to the middle zone when they are doing a major mechanic.