Challenge Guardian Velganos

This week, you can teach younglings about Velganos so they have EXP for the future endeavor of them probably solo’ing/duo’ing the boss, if they don’t buy busses. It’s really interesting to see who adapts the fastest. The experience is kind of fun too if you have the patience.

Or just do Yohos since Velganos only gives 1-2 more Great Leapstones per run.

Also Challenge Velganos is 100 times easier than actual Velganos.

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You still have to clear Velganos 1 time to do future guardians… Or was that not clear in the base post…? Did you miss the entire point of people who don’t have 1385’s using this to learn Velganos before doing the actual Velganos fight if they don’t just buy a bus??

Do you really learn anything about the fight when it’s different? The only thing they can semi-learn is the pizza but it doesn’t even kill you in Challenge Guardians and if they keep learning and wiping to it they won’t clear the weekly.

I mean if we talking “learning”. Then learning velganos in challenge guardian is the best.

The fight is more or less the same but u take less dmg like u said.
And its easier to learn a fight when the mechs dont 1 shot u. For example the pizza

But then again… they dont know how hard velganos really is… so they wont really know what to excel at/practice more at.

Imma withdraw from this conversation

Do you think they’d fail it the entire time and not eventually clear it after a few fails? There isn’t anything different about the fight except for the damage dealt and the fact that you can’t restock items…

I love it. It’s great solo content.

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Lmao not if it takes you 15m a run it aint. Got too many alts to be spending that kind of time on a single GR.

It’s once a week you slouch. And it’s FUN.

Oh you’re talking the challenge guardian velg? Why would you solo that though, it doesn’t scale with players like normal Velg, and he’s also a nerfed version like all challenge guardians.

Because it’s fun???

Hey I consider efficiency fun, but different strokes and all. Cheers.

I mean efficiency is good and all but what’s the point of MM if we will just wipe? I know this community suck ass and would rather spam yoho than do velga at 1400+ since April.
i forgot to mention that picture was my first try btw.

Challenge Velganos is like baby Velganos in comparison to the real one. Idk what’s actually ‘challenging’ about it tbh.

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Im confused why’s challenge Velganos easier than normal Velganos?

Less HP, less stagger, less damage.

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Imagine not being able to clear Velganos at ILVL lmao.
I’ve been enjoying bussing Velganos rejects for 400g today. Made around 10k gold so far, I hope Velgussy is back next week.

he does less dmg.

the main issue is that people refused to learn how to fight velganos and those same people end up in the legion raids later on.