Chance to try PvP?

Hi, im only interested in practicing in PvP to get better before the game launches, as I do not want to waste my time doing content I wont be rewarded for that im just going to do over again at launch.

Anyone know if there will be a way to just skip to max level and do PvP right away? Saw it takes around 20 hours to get to max level in other regions, and no way can I do that over a couple of days and then practice PvP, especially with multiple classes.

Otherwise I may just level up then practice on RU until global launches so I can dominate new players early.

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were not sure what lvl pvp unlocks for us yet, it just got reduced to lvl 30 i think, in RU & KR which is around 4 hrs? or so of lvling if you follow blue only quests.

It has been confirmed that NA Lost Ark will have the patch where you only need to get to the first main city that has an arena board in order to queue up. Thus, you only need to level your character to about level 26-27 doing only main story quest, and once you reach the first hub city, pick up the yellow quest that unlocks the arena board. After that, grind away to your heart’s content at no disadvantage to anyone.

Nice! That is a relief :). Dont want to burn myself out earlier in beta especially when its already an incredibly grindy game =D

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Agreed, I will be doing the same thing as you, so see you there and gl~