Chances of OCE servers?


Is there anything on the roadmap to introduce OCE servers by chance?
Normal ping for me is 180ms. When the bots are clearly on and taking over the servers its 240ms.
I have a fibre connection with 1000/1000 down/up.

There are many Australian/New Zealand players that would definately benefit from this.

Doubt it would have a population unless they manage to introduce cross-region roster transfer so I’d like to see cross-region roster transfer on the roadmap before OCE servers get considered.

0% chance. Oce servers have always died for MMOs long term. Oce has the playerbase at launch to fill and have a healthy server but the problem lies after. People leave after the honeymoon period of around 2-3 months and the servers become barren. You cannot have that happen in a MMO game.

With the US servers even if that happens they still have a healthy population because their overall player numbers are far bigger.

Best bet is praying they unblock VPN providers so you get good routes to US West which is where most Aussies play. The reason Aussies get crappy ping normally to the US servers is because their routes to the server normally with their ISP is complete garbage.

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At this point in time it’s not something we’re exploring. Sorry!

May I ask why?

Amazon’s AWS network has an operating region in Sydney (ap-southeast-2)

Moreover, if we look at country-specific top sellers on steam, lost ark ranks number 5 in Australia for the past week in revenue.

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AFAIK the Sydney DC has R4 instances only and the still being built Melbourne facility will have R5 and make transfers etc, easier. Again AFAIK

why are you asking for this? you should count your blessings you never got it.

Well researched and very relevant. Doubt they care though.

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Would be nice if AGS maintained a relationship with ExitLag at least, so that playing from OCE isnt completely painful

+1. At this point I don’t even want an OCE server any more considering lack of region transfer options and potential population issues. But please please maintain the option of Exitlag for OCE/SEA players. It makes a huge difference in playing experience with it.

There was potential talks about it in the original thread that was actually the largest thread with thousands and thousands of OCE players saying +1 in support, they were ignored, you had a large pool of players that could very well have been 20-30% of your population and the company shafted them hard, immediately lost majority of them, my ass played for a week in hopes oce will eventually came out, after a week of the absolute shit show of launch and realisation of what the game will eventuate into(and boy was i right) i just uninstalled and never looked back, i exclusively logged in just now to make sure you understand on a personal level that you let a large group down because we’re not good enough for us to get our own single dedicated server, you have/had dozens for US, we have ~10% of the US population but you couldnt even slap us with 1 and didnt end up going through with discussions to get a license for us. Remember the time we were told there was talks of a potential server being talked about? before launch, about licensing issues that were being discussed. good times

Good job on deleting the largest thread you had on this forum that was purely the entire OCE playerbase, really made us feel appreciated, still would be the most commented and viewed thread on this forum to this day as well lmao

We asked at the start but they never really considered it. It would be ideal at least run the isles and events at all hours not just to a specific time of the region so all players no matter where they live can play the game fully.
If you play from OCE or SEA you will have to get up at 4am or play in the middle of the night to not miss key components of the game.
A solution would be nice.

This is not true. Wow has OCE servers with players from SEA and OCE play since 2017 and would say that are less players currently that LOA has from OCE and SEA regions. Btw, servers still going.

They probably don’t want to interact with Australian Classification Board. They are notorious for random bans if you sneeze the wrong way or one of the board members had a bad day.

I’m from OCE but they just banned a bunch of bots and the games sitting at 70k (That’s assuming they got all the bots…) players on steam. Factoring in that that’s 70k players across, Europe, NA West and East it wouldn’t make sense to create servers specific for OCE and segregate a minority player base. There simply isn’t the player count to support an OCE region.

For all of AGS’s flaws in publishing this game, not giving OCE servers is not one of them.

And it makes ZERO difference if AWS (AWS, NOT AGS) hosts OCE servers. This really shouldn’t need to be explained…

Smilegate sells this game to different publishers region by region, the contract is probably limited this way, so if nobody wants to take the risk and pay for OCE region wide license, there wont be any OCE servers.