Change account to different Server / Region

When will it be possible to apply to change my account to another Server or Region?

Clearly, I just have a problem with the Region or Server that I am playing (west America - Akkan)
I am trying other Regions, and the game looks to work well, without kicking me for ERRORS every 5 minutes.

Please, make this possible since that it is possible for you to restore deleted characters…

Hi @jonathanmf13.

Hope you doing great!

Regarding if is possible to change the your account to another server or location, if you mean if is possible to move your character to another server o locations. I’m sorry but this will be not possible.

If you mean if is possible to get a character in another server or region, you will need to create a new character from zero to play in a different server or region.

I also like to tell you that I can help you to restore a deleted character, I just need the following information to help you with it.

Character name:

Character level:

Character class:

Character server:

Confirm that you are offline in order to make the restoration:

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

I don’t need to restore any character. I was saying that if that is possible, it should also be possible to transfer my character to another region…

I can’t start 950H again, and the only region I have a problem playing is the one that I choose - West America. In East America, my ping gets a bit higher, but at least it is possible for me to play without ERROR WX02, GX03…
Is amazon doing anything to fix that? because I can’t understand why this problem start to happen now, after almost 1000hours of game

Thank you for the reply and for the clarification @jonathanmf13

I’m really understand, however unfortunately is not possible to make the transfer to another server or region.

About the error your are having, the Devs team are aware of it and they are working on it to fix it as soon as possible.

Hope you a nice day! :wolf: