Change Attack setting

I accidentally selected the wrong attack/pickup settings when setting up a new account. With the new changes in setting I do not see a way to fix it. Is there anything I could do?

Hello @0Gtm, hope you’re doing well.

I’m sorry I’m having trouble understanding your issue, are your Attack and Movement buttons inverted? If this is the case, you can change this option in the Gameplay category of the Settings menu, go to the subcategory called “Combat Related Settings” then scroll down until you see the “Combat Settings” section, here you’ll be able to invert the Movement/Attack button by checking the box next to “Attack with Right-click”.


However, if this is not the case, could please provide more details regarding your issue?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a good day in Arkesia.

That worked thank you. just moved in the setting from where I am used to it being. Have a great night and a great holiday

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