Change Chaos/Guardian to only 1 Run

Pushing to 1475+ has left me feeling burnt out. The game’s only engaging aspect is finding a raid night with my group of friends. Meanwhile, I’m stacking rested bonus to the max and spilling over. I do my two chaos / 2 guardians if I muster the motivation for it on my primary and feel drained entirely of motivation afterward.

I would feel more inclined to log in and do my daily “chores” if I only had to do 1 Chaos and 1 Guardian Raid per character. I can solo the Chaos Dungeons, sure, but RNGing a group to do Yoho Simulator for 6-10 runs with other alts that are unoptimized because of the Pheon system. Taking 5-10m per run burns me out. I don’t think my seven alts should take 2-3 hours to complete all my housekeeping chores before I can “play the game” after.

I am just posting to make my voice heard and hopefully see some changes soon.


Just don’t do it. It’s only worth like 400g for two rested Yoho these days anyways with these prices.

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No, it’s not necessary, you can play doing only 1 of each

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Chore ark. the mmo ponzi game.


Run rested only if your running so many characters. Rested earns 66% of the rewards and you only take a third of the time. For a good while I ran 4 characters, my main that I ran every day and an alt I cycled for rest bonus. Essentially i got the rewards as If I was playing 3 characters but i only play 2 each day.

I dont understand why people complains of this chores. You are the one doing it because you want, nobodoy is forcing you to do them. If you feel burned out with 5 chars, maybe you should have played with 2 from the beginning.

Know your limits


Former director said this won’t be happening.

Then pace yourself properly. End of story.


Stop playing a grindy game, meant to grind. Like many other grinding games like Tibia or runescape.

And asking/demanding for that grinding game to not be a grindy game.

Its a grindy game and we love the grind


Hey the game lets me choose whether I want to run this content once or twice based on my free time or will to play.

Instead of choosing I’ll just burn myself out and make main+ 5 alts and run it 2x a day for 12x a day.

Then make a post to say I shouldn’t have to make a decision they should remove the choices for everyone because I can’t make a decision where I won’t burn myself out.



They have the choice to run only one but instead want the game changed so that they get the same loot by playing less. Wrap it up as feedback or “QoL” and get upset when it doesn’t get implemented. Some people man :clown_face:

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Fairly certain that it was brought up at some point and they said it won’t be changed. I don’t have source of this, just something I’ve heard.

My suggestion would be to play less if you are feeling burnt out, save rested bonus on some characters. Play 2-3 characters each day as you see fit to complete some chaos/guardians. Typically this would mean like 1-2hrs of playtime depends on how quick you are.
You could also just focus on doing ONLY the chaos dungeons instead as they are usually shorter than guardians.


Take a break since you are already at 1475, come back with next big content update which is clown raid with Scouter/Machinist release.

It’s important to ask yourself the following question, am I having fun playing Lost Ark? Because at the end of the day, video games are meant to be fun.

Use strongold Boat they do the run for you easy run no pain.

Yes, doing 2 GR per day per char is not fun.
Idk what KR players’s opinion on this (because opinions outside of Kr doesn’t mean jack for SG), but it surely would be a massive QoL if they condense GR and Chaos into 1 run per day per char.


Just do one, and every 2 days you will have rested bonus for your entry.
This solves your problem, right?

Or they could just add auto clear for those dungeons you have completed with the option to do them manually. Of course this is a selfish ask as I have to fight off the EAC Offline and SPELP bugs. Then maybe I could actually get all my mats for the week outside of weekly tasks.

I’m going to have to agree with this. I feel like chaos is such a chore especially because there is no challenge. Yoho is hell right now with some taking more than 10 minutes to do because people are dead.

I dont’ mind the raid so much but at least allow use to do like a 2x run like cube tickets or something.

I mean, you can use stronghold dispatch right?

thats something that people ask for over and over
100% agree, reduce it to one