Change Chaos/Guardian to only 1 Run

I mean, Yes, I can do that If and when the game allows me to stay connected long enough to actually do that.

We all know deep down, if this happens, we’ll all just make twice as many characters and end up spending same amount of time doing dailies anyway, except now, our time is worth even less because all the mats has been devalued.

So you want the publishers, not devs, to make drastic changes to a game to fit your playstyle because you lack motivation? Cool.

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  1. If it’s not in KR version it won’t be added here.
  2. Auta clear would not include any gold gates
  3. Bet rewards would be lower than by clearing yourself

I mean, like i said. Just do one and leave 2nd one on rest bonus. Every 2nd day you are able to use rested bonus for one entry.
Dispatch duration is 12h, so you can use it every day, and there are two slots for special missions, so you can dispatch missions from two characters a day.

I’m doing guardians on my alt every 2nd day, since sometimes it could take even 9minutes to clear one Yoho.
But for solo chaos dung, it’s like 6min run for one entry.

As stated, do only 1 per day then. Every other day you will run a rested run. Theres your only do 1 a day option.

Its like people want everything instead of using the tools your already given.

I believe there was an answer from G. River himself.

He stated that, it is not going to change it to 1. He also stated that, there will be no 3x for boss rush as well.

The article was somewhere in reddit…I am too lazy to look it up.

So, it is not happening. Just do it on rest if you are burning out.

You can also do it with your ship as well if you don’t want to do it at all.

There are options.

If you want all the reward…well, got to put in the work. You have options

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I feel kinda bad, because i don’t want to argue with people who really want to play the game.
But on the other hand, many suggestions on this forum would turn this game into a mobile game pretty fast.
Like auto tracker, auto clear etc.

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Its just people wanting all the rewards without doing any work. Its been a growing problem in gaming lately across a LOT of games. People just want stuff handed to them instead of actually earning it. I blame a lot of it on the whole participation trophy mindset. Oh you lost, where heres all your free stuff.

They already give tools in teh game where you can be SUPER casual player and get 66% of what the hardcore players make by only spending a THIRD of the time. Yet they whine and want the EXACT same as the hardcore players get but dont want to put the time in for the same. LA is VERY casual friend in this regard where you dont have to play everything all the time.

Stop thinking your going to miss out and you will enjoy the game a whole lot more.

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Guardian raids are one of the cooler part of the game why are you trying to limit other peoples fun

No reason to feel bad. I believe the forums are intended for discussion right? to express your view? I admitted my note was selfish do I see it happening no, all I want to do is play the game longer than 5-15 min at a go.

I understand it very well. People have more or less time daily to play. This is why rested bonus was implemented in the first place, to not miss out too much even after 4-5 days of absence.
Try using it like we suggested. One a day, and then rested every 2nd or 3rd day, see if it meets your expectations.

why should a game and their whole community change something because “you” feel burned out? xD what is going on^^ u make 40 chars and then you feel burned out and then you go to a forum only to make a post where you say change the game :rofl: haha sometimes i wonder what is going on in peoples head :laughing:

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Director already said that this won’t be changed any time soon, until they hear that all regions are overwhelmed by their dailies, and I don’t think Koreans complain as much about it.

Its not even that hard. I have my Main 1475+ and a 1430 alt and 4 1370 alts. I just do my Main, my 1430 and one of my 1370 Alt daily. All others I just do all 3 days with the Rest Bonus.

It dont take much Time. If you dont want to do Yoho with 1370, Just do Alberhastic
[Last T2 Guardian] (rested you get 20 Life Leapstones each run and that are ~200g)

how about you just do the amount you want to do and let other people do full runs.


It’s a great idea and would benefit everyone with no down sides even those that will argue “I do 12 Chaos Dungeons everyday without an issue”.

You can do them once per day on every character where is problem ? Every 2 days u will have rest bonus xd

I have a better idea, how about asking to no need to do chaos chores everday and have the result mailed everyday? No need to do guardians and have the result automailed? No need to hone and get auto 1599 immediately?

You happy? You dont need to play the game at all and get things done :+1:

i prefer to do x2 with the rest bonus for more rewards. so i don’t see how is it good to have it as only 1 run? i mean you’re not really forced to play on every single character you have. specially when you’re burnt out then you need to stop and not ask for things to change for yourself. when i feel burnt out then i simply stop playing the game cause i know why i’m burnt out and that’s the time where i stop doing it and not ask for it to change so i feel better.

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Yoho does get a bit boring after the 500th run.