Change characterbound mats to rosterbound

When will (if ever) we finally get this change, to finally have the same system like everybody else? With the release of new classes youre hardcapping the mats that can be farmed in advance with only tradable mats being usable, creating massive problems for players who want to switch their main when their favourite class releases. This will also have a heavy impact on the economy, since player who want to push their new chars have to buy way more mats from ah than in other regions. The only reason the mats are characterbound in the first place is to increase p2win with higher ah prices so marys shop will be bought out. This surely worked great for amazon on release, but keeping this system will only increase frustration without many benefits for amazon in the future. Would also speed up player progress towards endgame when ppl. dont sit on 10k+ t2 stones and hundreds of life leapstones on main while struggling to get more alts into tier 3.

PS: Silver rewards in events/login would be nice, since you give out a big amount of mats atm (which is great), many ppl. that dont have a solid pool of chars in t2-3 to farm lopang silver daily cant keep up with the silver costs of pushing their mainchar. Even for me as a pretty hardcore player with multiple chars in argos it has become a problem, stuff like rerolling gems is completly out of question. And that also slows down the gear progression of players, since you cant really push your twinks up without spending all your silver on them and doing dailys for leapstones etc. Is also out of question cause you need the lopang silver.