Change daily guardian raids

in light of recent road map i thought id give my thoughts on how to make the game a bit better. fighting the same guardian 12 days every single day is honestly so boring. rather than fighting the highest guardian possible i think guardian raids should be replaced with daily guardian raids which would randomly, possibly not, select a guardian and i had a couple ideas how this could work

  1. will randomly match 4 people and then select a random guardian raid from what all 4 people qualify for, so if you have 3 1500 and a 1300 youd be limited to what the 1300 has access to. as far as scaling goes i think there should be a bit of scaling so the 1300 can still experience GR but it should still go by pretty fast. and then the loot recieved is as if it came from your highest difficulty GR.

I think this would be great because it means while a higher level player might get a lower geared player the GR is also lower which means theyll kill it faster. and on the other side a low level or new player doesnt have to deal with finding a party for GR which few people run, on some of my lower characters ive had queues go well past 10min where im just stuck sitting.

My other ideas are rough variations on how it would work

Appreciate this raid feedback @enefariousape does anyone else have thoughts about this?