Change demon form to same skincolour as character

How hard can it be to change the demon form to be the same skin colour as your character instead of this filter that makes the character unrecognizable…

The current form feels like they took the lazy easy way out.


Or give us a toggle in the options. There is a video showing the dark skin bugging out and having the original korean date underneath, so it’s still in the game.
Stop being racist and lazy @amazon and give us an option

It’s a mess, you get different skin tone by swapping from low graphics to high graphics.

They don’t even want to listen to feedback.

Yeah toggle would be an easy fix


That would be enough to make everyone happy.
Having a toggle would also be easy to implement.

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if smilegate wanted you to be able to do that, it would be like that since the rework
they clearly had no intention of doing so
maybe on the next rework

Why would they do extra work if AGS has never even bothered them about this issue (because I bet they haven’t)

im p sure koreans would bring such thing up too, dunno tho, wasnt there

They problem is they don’t care if anyone’s happy, to them it’s whatever requires minimal work / time and not doing anything is the answer. Im on my way out of this game anyway, the SH is just salt on top of disconnects out the ass and most if not all of my RL friends have quit.

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