Change EU maintenance times please

I think after today’s fiasco, as well as every other week to a lesser degree, now is the time you should really look at either doing separate maintenance times for EU, or at the very least make push both back a few hours, because once again eu gets screwed over by unexpected problems. They happen, i get it, but NA will still have their entire prime time for gaming, while EU literally miss out the entire day. This is especially worse for euw, as trying to find groups for high level content in mornings is nigh impossible, assuming you don’t have to go to work that is. If you do, big L.

Edit: after waking up and seeing how it got extended so far even NA got affected, i stand corrected about them not losing their day. However, overall point still stands.


I lost yesterday game play completely thx to this unexpected nonsense, wasn’t able to log in at all…