Change Field Boss Island Heart Reward

Pls change the system,after you kill Thunderwing Boss u can get island soul from the other field bosses what have island souls.
because ppl dont want to waste the reward from Thunderwing for the island hearts.
would appreciate it !!!

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The game is built around “keep the players busy every day”.

It WANTS you to log in day after day grinding after something or other.

But ppl would log in more, if they could kill Thunderwing AND one island boss for the reward.

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u dont get the point of the topic

They wouldn’t login more, because they would be done with it faster by farming it multiple times per day, possibly on multiple channels as well. They would spend a bit more time doing it, because they would always do Thunderwing + any other farm they want.
I guess they would be “done” with the game faster tho, so nothing more to collect, then maybe take a break. It is there basically to drip feed people with some progress on additional goals to accomplish.

Said it better than I could

Horizontal is separate from Vertical progression for a reason

If everyone had unlimited access we’d all grind it over and over until even more people got burnt out

No one “needs” to do Thunderwings every time, either you get chance at drops or chance at souls or even a chance at tome drops elsewhere

Depends on what your priority is

Ask anyone still doing Moake

it would be enough when it is like ,when u kill thunderwing then u can go for other bosses and they just can drop the soul.
its just frustrating if u want the souls you have to waste the materials :frowning:

@Roxx or any CM pls read this topic :slight_smile: