Change guild battles from sunday to saturday, or make them start early

Why is GvG on sunday, 20:30 UTC ? Some of us are working, and this is horrible.

For me, GvG ends 15 minutes before midnight - if i am going to wake up at 5:30 am, that´s just no good.

Why not just move it to saturday ? People tend to have free weekends, so that would be rather nice. I personally dont, but this should be great for everyone i imagine. So many people cannot play it because its such awkward time of the day.

@Shadow_Fox @Roxx

If this was moved from Sunday to Saturday, what would be the best time for these events in your eyes?

A bit late - I think 6-8 pm would be fair.
But either way, anything but sunday. Since people are gonna have to get up early for work, it´s just no good at the evening.
So, any time on saturday is fine.


Thanks for your feedback! Those are some fair times :thinking: .

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