Change main, power pass and new express

To the mates who are going to change main in the middle to the end of July, how are you doing in accumulating materials? I’m going to be main Arcana, I’ve technically finished all the gems for her, I want her really strong in the first week u-u



Same here. Plan to swap main for Arcana.
But I will just use silver to refacet gems on my sorc… cant afford new gems tho


this is both impressive and deeply disturbing lol


my god those farmers

i so badly wanna put my hands on your storages


wow a lot of basic oreha, i need it too


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It’s a few weeks of farm, when you have 6 alts haha off course, I kept the things that get in events…

@ximatobr @Wishchobit make sure to do this for your arcana

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well i mean full lvl 7 gems, and basically every single mat chest or sack thats been given to us for atleast 2.5-3 months xD

thats alot of patience.

this might be enough to get you to 1400 though

i made it, but thx for tip anyway

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Yes I did create two Mages!! But only to hold two ids I like to use on Arcana. Didn’t know u can get rest bonus even in Trixion. Thanks a lot!

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full gem lvl 7 for me, are less than 2 months (± 6 weeks), tradeable maths are low because ive put all of my alts 1370

stocking all these mats for the eventual lopang alt very good

Are you talking about the character’s difficulty? if it is, I only have difficult characters friend. And I’ve done vykas on hard this week quietly, don’t get me confused.

I find this funny cause if thats not bound, you could have sold them and bought later for 1/2 price
Especially for guardians and leaps :thinking:

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I only sell materials when absolutely necessary. I don’t miss gold, weekly I get around 30-40k gold.

Exactly what I did for Destroyer. It was well worth it in my case, though it was grueling saving every login reward, ark pass material, et. Nice work!

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Sadge I didn’t expect them to drop… And it’s too late when I found out

Thats something to keep in mind going forward too, as time goes on mats will always drop in price, cause more and more characters reach the point of farming them and in greater amounts (for instance leapstones when deskaluda and challenge guardians appeared), so prices are bound to go down.

One interesting thing to keep in mind is once we start reaching 1490 content, thats when the new type of leapstone and shards appear, so they’ll have massive value early on. Getting at 1490 as soon as this new type of content shows up is a really good opportunity of making decent cash, and will guarantee that lower mats (such as what we have now) will graually lose value even more