Change my mind, crystaline aura should give royal crystal

Every month we should get like some royal crystal, what did you think ?

I think you should stop spamming threads. You buy Crystalline Aura with Blue Crystals, your proposition is to make something that is free…instead give you money :rofl:

We’ve evolved from asking for stuff to be free…to instead give us money after its been given to us for free.

i mean the € version

It should give fabric. Seriously, we’re gonna be so behind unless they make some genius system for skin crafting.

Royal Crystals are the real-world exchange item. Doesn’t seem likely, or wise for them to provide them for free.

Every day there are a ton of posts with people just wanting more stuff for free. You need to realize that they are already throwing more stuff at us than the other regions.

In Elder scroll online, if you take the subs, you get some coins every month.

No? hahahaha I never went 1 day without aura, and I never spent 1 cent for it.

In ESO and SWTOR, the sub isn’t offered for free.

Be happy that the aura is f2p and account wide

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Honestly, out of all the changes the NA/EU have made to this game…THIS is the best change of them all.

Crystalline Aura IS paywalled in KR.

I wouldn’t mind the change if they included royal crystals. I can get paid for playing a free game. It all sounds good to me.