Change server soon :)

hello support, i want to move to other server, because when i starting just click on random server and i dont know my friend in real live started on other server. any chance to go with em? i will pay for this no problem

Unfortunately transferring characters does not exist yet, you are going to have to make a new character at the new server. :smiling_face_with_tear:

i have very good progress in Adventures Tome … so i wont to start from beginning …

Yeah so you and your friend going to have to play on 2 different servers, hopefully still in the same region so you can do raids and dungeons later in the end game.

Hi folks!

As @vinsonte mentioned, unfortunately at the moment there is no an option to transfer characters to a different server. If you would like to play with your friend in the same server you will have to create a char in the same server your friend is playing or viceversa. I understand if your progress in your server is high and you don’t want to create and start from 0 in a different server but the character migration is not an option at this moment.

If you decide to stay in your original server (and your friend is in a different server in the same region), at least you will be able to play dungeons and pvp together through the server cross.

Hope a wonderful rest of your day!


thank you for your fast answer.
you can close this topic, thank you.