Change servers within the same Region

There is currently the problem with many people that we picked a server and either it is the wrong language server ie. Spanish speaking etc. OR it has a queue of 12.000 people on login.

People have opened their Founder’s packs and started leveling and found out that later since there was no earlier notice on the game for these situations.

Add into the the game the option to tranfer our character, even as a paid feature to different servers within the same Region please.


Yes, i have the same. I joined Asta, where only mostly Germans play and i figured after playing abit when Germans started speaking in Area channel ALOT. and then regret and everything just came like an instant and it just feels like im wasting my time in this server but i gotta play on it now since i opened my pack. They should definitely have put a label or something on servers. And i really hope they release a server transfer within a region ASAP because honestly this isnt acceptable and theres alot of players that has this problem…


Agreed, this is killing my hype for a game that otherwise had me hooked from the start.


I am with you guys. All the inner hype is gone due to this lock of the founders pack.
They could even just say that the founders pack was available once pr. server.
This wouldn’t harm them as people will at the end just stick to one server.

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Hello Adventurers!

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Thank you for the feedback provided regarding this topic and I’m sorry for the inconvenience with the server transfers, however, the option to move characters to a different server isn’t available at this time.

Have a great day! :waxing_crescent_moon:

Hey i have a question, is it crossplay within regions? Just wondering if there is crossplay cus then thats a big plus and then i am not really let down and i wont mind wait for a server transfer

From my understanding, you are not able to add friends from other servers, meaning you can’t join dungeons with them. So you can’t directly interact with players on different servers.

But you can meet them randomly in a dungeon when queuing up.

I might not be right though.

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Yeah my friends moved server due to Queues and i used my packs already, its to expensive to start somewhere new and losing the founders pack…


I’m sorry, but this is a deal breaker for me. It’s 2022 and we still have to choose servers within a region? I have several circles of friends and this would only lead to frustration. That of course the items and even premimum content between the characters of different servers can not be moved, is even worse. Such things are not present in games like Diablo, ESO and similar and these games are much older! So as long as this is not improved, I will not even test the game Free2Play, sorry.

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