Change The Flawed Ban/Appeal System

Hello, this is mainly derived from the many problematic posts I have seen and not just myself.

I make this post now as recommended by Very odd ban situation, need developer's help - #100 by Fenrirskoll @Fenrirskoll

But the issue is a lot of the bans that happen tend to happen to innocent players, and it will only continue to happen, especially if things don’t change.

There are certain rules that are easy to pinpoint and find someone guilty of and they can produce some form of proof if they have it. But one of the major problems when making an appeal is they send the same email they send everyone and ask you to provide proof that you yourself were not breaking any rules. In a lot of scenarios you can’t provide any proof, and there are many cases where players were wrongfully banned.

I will link this post for my first point in reference. Banned for taking a break, really?

This player was banned even though during a live stream, but luckily all of her gameplay from the moment she created her account to the moment she was banned for the 20 hours of gameplay was shown. I was told bans are only made by humans and not automated at all from an amazon game specialist. So I didn’t understand how this could be the case.

But my point is as I spoke with the OP of that topic players who don’t just stream 24/7 don’t necessarily have any proof to back them on a lot of cases that can only be made on an assumption with speculation, and not 100% evidence on someone. So even when trying to communicate these issues through email and a full message trying to talk to the moderation team in the appeal you get a message almost instantly with the exact same thing almost every other players says, there is no conversation happening and no support to assist with these cases.

To me it’s just bad when you let innocent players get caught in the crossfire with no way to resolve the issue whatsoever.

The amount of information I have been given through support has been a lot of miscommunication as well which is unfortunate that they are not equipped with the tools to help us as we should be helped when speaking with someone one on one.

Also support themselves telling me it’s impossible to track things for us as players as well. It’s just tiresome with this, and knowing you are innocent but based on what is going on you are now being placed as “guilty until…nothing” since not much proof you can give.

Main thing is I have said this many times but I tell people if you were put in prison for something you didn’t do, would you just sit there and on a daily basis take the punishment and ridicule from other people or try with whatever you can to resolve the issue.

That’s all I have for now I have many images and other conversations from support to add but will hold off on that for now.

Thank you.


I’ll stand by it still.

Edit: I forgot I kind of brought this point up months ago about people being afraid to check their mail.


I cannot freakin believe that there are many people openly admitting on the forums that they mass report players for having high gear because “there’s a chance he RMT”

I’m other words, I got banned because someone was jealous ??? That is sickening… that’s just horrid and wrong on so many levels…

And not a single person is legit looking at those appeals.

On my post I got a mod telling us that appeals are to 100% prove your innocence, not a discussion, and nothing is debatable.

I freakin dare anyone of the mods to give me examples of someone 100% proving a negative.

If it never happened, I can’t prove it. It’s that simple.

The system needs to be revised, it doesn’t work.

Look at the emails I received on my post, I put them all up there.

Random responses to different topics… they lose track sometimes with the insane amount of copy paste responses they give.

I had one cs guy randomly send me an email about an app I never complained about, when I responded pointing out his mistake, he replied with telling me “your appeal is rejected and your ban is merited”… what appeal ?? I never sent one in that time… there was nothing to check, let alone reject…

Got another one from a CS lady that basically said “thank you for contacting us but we can’t help you as appeals are dealt with by the mods and email”…. I never contacted them to begin with… I have no idea who she is… I sent an appeal and got this response…

This is all posted on my thread which is mentioned up here.

The system is beyond flawed and needs desperately to be revised.


I got banned because my online community tried to support me by asking for donation after I broke my ankle.

The only thing I had was Lost Ark since i couldnt move anywhere. They gave me a lot of donation from stream viewers/old guildies. I even got paypal money in which I used in crystal purchases but people like me get caught up because my community wanted to support me in my time of need.

Unlike others though, I’m not paying anymore money into Lost Ark or playing unless my account gets restored. I’ll figure something else out and play other games. I do really want to purchase new skins from the last patch but I guess thats $50-100 AGS is losing for banning real supporting players :frowning: . Its unfortunate and I hope they correct it quickly before it backfires on them.


Good luck, hope this gets some resolution.


I completely agree with you.

I’m exhausted from trying to get a real person to answer my tickets. What else I can send? There is no possible way to prove your innocence, we can’t even know the reason for the ban.
I’m trying to contact EAC to see if there is any chance to read my logs for the day I got suspended.

Some agents told me I could create another account while I wait for my account to get checked but then some others said that my account might get perma banned if I try to bypass this suspension.
Is there anyone that can actually help us?
I don’t feel like going through this situation again when my suspension is lifted, they need to fix the appeal system.


today i had someone in a guardian run who was blindly attacking anything that moves.

this person killed me when i turned, and killed 2 others in the group, was hitting any npc and ignoring the boss, and not responding on chat at all…

this is clearly bot behavior… yet i couldn’t report him because he was “:in a different world”…

so actual ban worthy actions and players cant be reported and just ruin it for everyone while we sit here waiting for someone to take their job seriously enough to actually look at the damn data that got us banned in the first place…

if a childish person or group decides to screw me over through donations then by all means, punish me for accepting it… but make it a logical punishment as i have clearly submitted my bank statements that show all my transactions since joining the game.

and if you genuinely believe there are no people out there that would do that out of spite, you are simply not being realistic…

blindly banning me for 3 months + with no response from anyone and auto replies and refusing to even look at my data is just a spit in the face of all the documented legal purchases i made.

it has already been a month, and on my new account i see ban worthy players and bots openly advertising illegal gold every single time i log in… what have you been doing ?? why are these accounts not banned ?? reports left and right to ban worthy actions and nothing happens, yet i got banned with no one willing to even consider that it may be wrong.

as a consumer, i dont matter, because someone in a mod position decided im a liar even after i produced evidence that i am not… such a healthy system that clearly wont backfire in any way…


Talked about something like this happening before with guild in discord. Really easy for anyone to just be banned if you are banned for having gold that’s considered bad gold from any source be it mail or market selling something to someone.

Now we have all been seeing it happen. No way to defend yourself or prove anything against it. Just a ban. So all of us stopped using it taking gold in general even though it’s not against the rules. Guess we play paranoid instead so they probably should say something about this in an updated rule if receiving gold isn’t against the rules.

Because at the end of the day no one can really know who or where the gold came from as the Amazon agent in your screenshot said.


Just commenting in this thread for visibility and hoping for some type of change to the system. It’s great that they’re being tougher on bots and RMTers and genuine cheaters but there has to be a better system for people who wrongly get banned besides sending in web tickets with “strong proof” when you have no idea what you’ve been banned for and no way to access the game making it nigh impossible to provide the sort of proof that the moderation team is looking for.


Imagine not having a 24/7 live support in 2022. F Blizzard but at least every single time i had issues my problem got solved within 15 minutes by a real human via live support.


This thread is about wanting a better more transparent system for appeals and bans, since this forum is literally filled with people who got wrongly banned, many of whom got unbanned within 2 to 3 weeks…

It is also filled with people BRAGGING ABOUT MASS REPORTS FOR NO REASON… “level 10 gem ? Report” … “5 engravings ? Report” …. It’s pathetic

Undeniable proof that the system gets some wrong stuff.

Regardless of anyone’s reason, everyone deserves a better explanation and someone to talk to.

It’s a basic consumer right… it isn’t rocket science.

Don’t bother with the judgmental posts people, this could very well happen to you or anyone, and from the attitude of some of these judgmental responses, they won’t be handling it well at all if and when it happens.


Similar thing happened to me. Ran out of silver to reroll and was shouting in area chat about trading a high lvl gem. Last time I did it, I found someone who wanted to trade so I decided to do it again. This time, some dude right away shouted “report him for RMT” and minutes later I got banned.

The appeal process has been a nightmare. Reason for ban was “Coin Selling”??? My main is 1460 lol, I barely have gold to hone and gear my alts, how do I even have gold to sell? And after putting in so many hours, why would I do such a thing for such little gain?

Their system must be like oh he bought/ sold this and that from auction house over the past half a year. A portion of those sellers/ buys are flagged or banned accounts so they must be associated and guilty. Like who isn’t guilty if this is their method to evaluate cases?

If you read this and you aren’t banned, better hope you don’t get reported or you ain’t getting your account back either with the current CS appeal team and what they’re doing.

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Tos is tos. I agree any unjustified bans should be reversed. My point is those are few and far between

Don’t worry about what he said, post is gone now.

People are always going to find a way to attack others especially in the online format, as it was said above. It’s sad we have players attacking each other when they don’t know the situation or what anyone is going through.

This is actually a case of cyberbullying, someone coming in off topic when this post was made for feedback to a team, recommended by a moderator as I posted in the initial thread.


Don’t think that is what the post is saying, the problem is people do receive unjust bans, if you don’t agree with it that’s fine but if you come to a thread looking for help just to attack players because you don’t believe them it’s just wrong.

Also receiving gold is not against ToS, and I know you edited your post but I’ll touch up on that when you talked about him for taking gold from someone as the OP shows the Amazon Game Specialist themself saying you as a player can’t know what gold is what, so that is also a problem right there.

It’s a double edged sword so either receiving gold is ok, or it isn’t.


That’s a fair point. I agree with you on that

A flaw with web ticket:

A streamer was banned live on stream. Banned for taking a break, really?

They tried to go through web ticket and nothing happen. They had to go through a forum to get a response before a forum Moderator said,

So the forum moderator was able to escalate that to an appeal team and then they were able to unban the streamer.

So why did it have to take intervention from a forum moderator, who all have said they can’t do anything for all normal threads, for a streamer to have their ban reversed?

Streamers do get better treatment, thats ok. They are free advertisement for the game. But I feel like people who have supported this game through crystal purchases should get fair treatment in support by allowing them to provide evidence and proof for whatever support situation they are in.


I’d say her unban came mostly due to her account was created live stream and about 20 hours played all streamed and banned mid stream, it was blatantly wrong, but she was able to just provide that whole video, which even after talking with her knows it’s unfair because not everyone is streaming their gameplay having it recorded the whole time to show this.


What I am trying to point out is that a forum moderator was able to escalate her appeal ticket.

She got better treatment for not even putting in $1 into the game and less than a day invested into the game.

There are accounts here who have proof of over $1000 or more in crystal purchases and over 1000 hours invested into the game without that much support from a human interaction.


It’s one of those things, where the whole “proof” is the problem in this.

Here is another player who was banned for giving gold, with the same messages of being denied. The one thing they did have though was screenshots of conversation in game. Not something everyone will have with a lot of people talking amongst discord or their own stream chat. As well as most people wouldn’t think to make evidence as they are not committing a crime.