Change The Flawed Ban/Appeal System

Don’t think that is what the post is saying, the problem is people do receive unjust bans, if you don’t agree with it that’s fine but if you come to a thread looking for help just to attack players because you don’t believe them it’s just wrong.

Also receiving gold is not against ToS, and I know you edited your post but I’ll touch up on that when you talked about him for taking gold from someone as the OP shows the Amazon Game Specialist themself saying you as a player can’t know what gold is what, so that is also a problem right there.

It’s a double edged sword so either receiving gold is ok, or it isn’t.


That’s a fair point. I agree with you on that

A flaw with web ticket:

A streamer was banned live on stream. Banned for taking a break, really?

They tried to go through web ticket and nothing happen. They had to go through a forum to get a response before a forum Moderator said,

So the forum moderator was able to escalate that to an appeal team and then they were able to unban the streamer.

So why did it have to take intervention from a forum moderator, who all have said they can’t do anything for all normal threads, for a streamer to have their ban reversed?

Streamers do get better treatment, thats ok. They are free advertisement for the game. But I feel like people who have supported this game through crystal purchases should get fair treatment in support by allowing them to provide evidence and proof for whatever support situation they are in.


I’d say her unban came mostly due to her account was created live stream and about 20 hours played all streamed and banned mid stream, it was blatantly wrong, but she was able to just provide that whole video, which even after talking with her knows it’s unfair because not everyone is streaming their gameplay having it recorded the whole time to show this.


What I am trying to point out is that a forum moderator was able to escalate her appeal ticket.

She got better treatment for not even putting in $1 into the game and less than a day invested into the game.

There are accounts here who have proof of over $1000 or more in crystal purchases and over 1000 hours invested into the game without that much support from a human interaction.


It’s one of those things, where the whole “proof” is the problem in this.

Here is another player who was banned for giving gold, with the same messages of being denied. The one thing they did have though was screenshots of conversation in game. Not something everyone will have with a lot of people talking amongst discord or their own stream chat. As well as most people wouldn’t think to make evidence as they are not committing a crime.


The justification for “providing proof” for the mods is cases like this…

So because I don’t document my playing 24/7 on video, I am assumed guilty and have been banned for a month so far, with a month and a half to go.

“Screw your bank statements and 4,000$ legit purchases, YOU DONT HAVE A VIDEO”

(Note: the figure is not an exaggeration, this is how much I spent legally on crystals, and the proof has been provided)

“You won’t be looked at unless you provide viable visible proof that you DID NOT do the thing we claim you did”

:point_up_2:t3: The second one makes even less sense…. Proving a negative.


Its funny, their reason for bans are so general and they request us to provide evidence for it. Like I still don’t know the exact thing I did that got me banned. How do I even appeal to it? And furthermore, how do you provide evidence if your account is banned.

If they’re going to do it this way, I expect them to be the ones to be providing evidence as they have access to my account and logs I’m sure. Lay out the exact reason I was banned so I can address those point by point and try to find any screenshots I have to back my statements up.

But instead, its just a generalized bot reply and after a few appeals the deadly “Further correspondence on this matter won’t receive a response” reply.


hello Teezy,

i got summoned here by your mention.

do you know what´s funny? actually not funny, more like tragic. on monday my friend Starbuckscookie (person who I send the gold OF MY OWN WILL AND AN ACT OF FRIENDSHIP WITHOUT ANY CLAIM ON MONEY OR REWARD = not breaking paragraph 3 of code of conduct = which is for what they banned me = total nonsense this whole situation) got banned! came back from work and noticed the same bs thing, perma banned for cheating.

Since this gold situation happened, we assumed that must have been the cause. False banning continues… He wrote the appeal, didnt get an answer till today afternoon until he wrote another appeal. Insta denied. WHAT?! Provided the discussion screenshot we had, explained the situation. Denied. Are you kidding me how is this even possible!!! This situation is so absurd i dont have any words for it. Contacted live chat multiple times, they never told him for what exactly he got banned. Cheating. Basically F you, we dont care.

He wrote another appeal and contacted live chat again; they sent him some mail that now makes it look like as if he was aggressive in the chat or something and insulting others (which he doesnt recall)?

I feel disgusted beyond words. This is more than clown fiesta. I haven´t hated lost ark as I do now in 1400 hours. Feels to me like I dont even care for the game anymore, they dont respect players, you never know, tomorrow you might open the game and such get greeted by a window that you are permabanned for cheating for absolutely no reason. What a tragedy, circus, shame


How much gold did you send them maybe it flags a certain amount

55k. it was never officially stated that players shouldn´t send their gold to anyone. more than that, just one person from live chat pointed out that you should not sent gold via mail because the system will track it as RMT. how come something so crucial was never officially stated and emphasized multiple times.

are they actually trying to kill the game? their behavior doesnt make any logical sense. this is just so wrong


yeah seems anything above 10k is a risk factor tbh, since they know alot of gold have come in from illegal sources and fraud, and plus people send gold all the time to get bussed through raids and argos and those cost about 2-8k per


you would think that trusted status would have any merit right? no.
how about steam account several years old? no.
1400 hours ingame? no.

one “suspicious” act = perma banned


people get they’re 60k+ hour CSGO accounts banned for doing stupid stuff too so wouldn’t surprise me how long you been playing the game, ToS is ToS but yeah i think the system is faulty a bit catching the legit players to the ones actually breaking the rules.

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Wow that’s insane. Really makes me and some others question playing, don’t like shady behavior like this where you can’t know. If it’s not in the rules to not receive or send gold then this isn’t breaching TOS. If someone is talking about real money trading in game then you can confirm that but not anything else. That’s really sad and overlooked on their behalf to ban players suddenly like this. Shame.

Fix the game.


With time, more and more people will be falsely banned and AGS might finally realize their appeal system is heavily flawed. I just hope they don’t wait too long before implementing these changes. Right now honestly feels like we’re automatically assumed guilty. And the way they judge us is looking through our associations in-game.

From reading a lot of the forum posts it seems like as long as your account came into contact with “RMT gold” some way some how whether it is some RMTer buying your item off market place or you buying a listed item off the market place from a sketchy account. They flag and log it so they can reject your appeals. Like how can a player avoid RMT gold if we don’t have control over who buys our items and don’t know whose items we are buying???


AGS are judge, jury, and executioner, and as this comment states, “There are no “random” or unjustified bans as these are all based on very specific breaches to terms of service”.
It’s the same utter garbage that CS were spouting in New World when bans were going out, when mass reporting someone could quite clearly get them auto banned. The CS staff are either clueless, or ignorant and making it all up.

Despite discussion on that linked thread calling the post incorrect, it was then locked as “it had been addressed”

Horrific “customer service” but no less than what I have come to expect from AGS after being a New World and now Lost Ark player.

Sincerely hope that any of you that have had unjustified bans get them overturned, but I wouldn’t hold your breath :frowning:


I report chaos afkers, some have high ilvl and some have no engraving or gems lol…

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would you kindly give this topic some attention please.

we have legitimate concerns and legitimate claims… the vague nature of ban criteria has royally screwed 1000s of players, and our requests are not illogical or even hard to understand.

when provided proof of legal purchase in great amounts, how do you have a team that decides that i cheated without any doubts ?? it just doesn’t add up

when it is an insanely common occurrence to receive donations via stream, on this game and every other game that ever existed, then you need a new system for illegal gold tracking and punishment, as i for one DID NOT purchase it illegally, i was gifted… and there is simply nothing that protects me from bad faith people with malice and/or jealousy in their intent…

being called a cheater after spending over 4,000$ to get what i wanted is not fair, not logical, not acceptable by any standards, and i have provided my bank statements since joining the game to many mods that show my legal (and daily life) transactions, and there is nothing even remotely related to illegal purchases in this game.

receiving a 3 month ban with 0 communication and random off topic responses from the AGS team is insulting at this point, and i have sent over 15 detailed appeals with screen shots and proof (that can be logically provided) and yet to see a single one of them speak to me in a logical manner or even acknowledge the existence of my legal purchases or my time played (over 800 hours) or the fact that its happening across the game to many people.

as i mentioned above, many here brag about mass reporting just because they saw high level gems or a special mount… these people assume its getting looked at for conformation, or they are just very sad jealous people… either way, the legal player base gets screwed due to their behavior.

there’s a legit flaw here, and we ask that you kindly give us all some attention, which is well deserved and needed for us and the greater good of the game’s longevity.


Please avoid posting in here, not really doing anything just being toxic. Also @lawahez don’t bother replying to people like this, just report however we can and let administration hopefully deal with them somehow. There isn’t really much we can do otherwise. Honestly just hoping to put out a peaceful message to developers to see but someone will always come along like this with something to take the topic away from what it is.