Change The Flawed Ban/Appeal System

What do you mean ?

1460 main here and still got banned for “coin selling” barely have enough gold to hone my main/ alts. Mailed my friend 21,000 gold (earned from weekly raid + weekly token exchange) because he borrowed me the same amount the day earlier so I can buy a gem. In an hour of sending out the mail. Boom banned and got labeled as a gold seller.

why didnt u just do it through auction house

That’s perfect logic. Now you do the auction house, and then they ban the players from doing that. What’s next?
Amazon provides the in-mail gold sending. Ban it plz if it means a ban to a palyer.

And just ban the auction house. In-mail item transfer. Even the lostark-shop. I say then it is fair. No matter whether you are rich or poor, you share the same content. Why not? Or maybe associate the account with your personal Identity and facecheck. One player has only one account. All problem solves. Why not?

Originallly i wasn’t going to make a comment here as my main account is banned but at this point I feel like I have to bring a light to the inconsistency of the mod team.

I’m Starbuckscookie from Daedra’s post who got banned for “cheating” 2 days after Dae got his ban lifted. My first ticket did not get a response after 3 days so after sending a few more tickets that got a copy-paste response totally unrelated to the content of my tickets I talked to live chat and got a guy to mark my account or whatever so my next ticket would get some attention. After sending the ticket I finally got a reason for why I got banned and it turned out my permanent ban wasn’t a permanent ban, it was a month ban for violating the code of conduct 1. Treat others the way they wanted to be treated until 2022-08-16 10:16.

Before the live chat person did his thing I didn’t even get a reply to my ticket that explained why I was banned. 4 of my tickets got this response:

Instantly met with the “Further correspondence on this matter won’t receive a response.” Not even an opportunity to provide further proof.

I logged into the game today to see if the message got updated to the date but it still said its a permanent ban for cheating.

I was confused so I wrote another ticket but I figured I would just get another one of these copy pastes that don’t have any details so I contacted live chat again to find out the duration of my ban.

The time is different from the e-mail I got but it doesn’t really matter.

To my surprise I got a response to the ticket I wrote today after I talked to live-chat that had some details:

So apparently now I’m banned for violating 3. Play fair instead of 1. Treat others the way they wanted to be treated

The inconsistency amazes me, if not for the live chat person marking my account I probably wouldn’t have gotten a response to why I got banned because the e-mail that mentioned it was 72 hours AFTER I sent my first ticket and I wouldn’t have known that the account wasn’t permanently banned. This alone blows my mind that it took over 5 hours of sending tickets and talking to 3 or 4 different people to live chat to even know this crucial information.

Then in the span of 2 days they changed the time of the ban and the reason. This genuinely does not make sense to me and I think it’s a clear indication that the system is completely flawed.


The banning system has been in my mind and one of my main worries for a while. We know that it’s a very flawed system and that we can’t help but think it can happen to anyone of us out of nowhere. While I am excited for tomorrow’s new roadmap, with a possibility of my new desired class coming into the game that I will be switching mains to, I can’t help but think: what if all that just goes away if I just get banned one day for something I didn’t do? And that has always scared me.

Imo, this problem should be AGS’s top priority, because it’s been happening more and more lately. We should flood the entire forums with this topic because I don’t think enough people are speaking up about this. This forums is our only tool to speak about this because we have nowhere else to go due to lack of customer support. But we will always have these people in the forums who like to play judge jury and executioner and be toxic for no reason. It is a very scary situation and hope it gets resolved soon.


this happened with me as well…

first it was cheating, then it was foul language, then it was RMT.

no clear answer, no information given to CS… i mean, as frustrated as i get with CS sometimes, i do acknowledge that its not their fault…

the wall around the mods is too tight and no information is shared, and my doubts are in the mods.

i really think CS needs to have access to the information to help the players out in cases like ours



This needs to be investigated. Your company is allegedly paying people to do a job that they clearly are not doing correctly or effectively. The bans are one thing… the appeal process NEEDS to be drastically improved. At least have the decency to acknowledge that the process is flawed and commit to improving it.

Make sure staff are sufficiently trained and that they actually have access to the tools needed to get the job done. It should not take WEEKS for multiple appeal team members to investigate and unban a player who was falsely banned. Let alone simply find out how long they are actually banned for (Shouldn’t that be readily available info for them?!). That is a monumental waste of man power not to mention downright disrespectful to everyone who plays your games.



don’t want to keep recycling the same info again and again…

its all there, just needs some attention


I’ve seen people getting reasons for their ban, reasons like: Selling gold, Botting, RMT, exploiting bugs, etc
But I still don’t get mine, they just keep saying “cheating” w/o any further explanation, almost a month since my suspension and I’m still receiving copy-n-pasted answers and Live chat isn’t helpful. It seems useless to appeal if they’re not reading.


Most of the ones that are just that generally fall under “rmt” from what I have understood, and the lack is it’s hard to prove whether you did or didn’t. Which is why there will always be many false bans this way. Policy should have made it clear within rules, not over some forum posts most players don’t tend to go to that you can’t receive gold, or risk receiving a ban. Or can’t give gold and same scenario. It’s a huge issue that is going to keep causing problems because players can’t prove anything, and devs can’t either unless a player is specifically talking in game about what they did.

A huge policy change needs to happen. Again the post clearly shows Amazon Specialist even saying how a player can’t know from their end what gold they are receiving, so it is what it is. I just wanted to put in a little statement here. Sorry for everyone who is just guilty until proven innocent and good luck.


The most annoying thing about my ban is that I provided screenshots of my roster, our conversations with Dae on multiple platforms, his forum post, his unban e-mail, the mail with the 55k gold from both his and my perspective and at this point I have easily sent at least 7+ tickets with the same info and this means that NONE of the 7+ moderators looked at anything I sent because Dae’s ban is lifted and mine isn’t when we both got false banned for the same 55k gold in a mail. And I’m not saying “Hey, if I’m banned HE should be banned too! :pitchfork:”, I’m saying if someone recognized that it wasn’t RMT then there is absolutely no reason to keep my 1 month ban unless they simply didn’t bother to open the links that I sent.


Innocent bystanders who have logged 1000 hours into the game and hundreds of official crystal purchases wouldn’t be in this situation if AGS handled the bots and RMT in the first place.

There are bots running in the starting zone right now, in which 1 GM for every server can see and just ban them all. Making their source harder to get.

Whales and RMT supporter will continue to use RMT if the price is cheaper than in store. If they have enough money, whats another 4th, 6th account with RMT purchased to get back to the same level and play for a week or two before they are banned?

While regular people like us who use the little amount of money we have in store and just got unlucky in our situation gets banned from the crossfire.

AGS is banking on regular people and whales to just make a new account and buy their crystals next time but we don’t have the money for that. Whales isn’t going to use their mari shop if $$$$ would get them all the way back to 1500+ from RMT while $$$$ only gets them to 1425 with 3x3 engraving or something like that from the Mari Shop.

AGS banning innocent people who support this game through Mari Shop will only hurt them more and more longer term. VS hiring 2-3 GM per server to monitor is a finite amount of cost to them.


@Community-Team Please get some help for them, passionate players for this game who have these problems pushed to the side is really just not right.


@Roxx @TrevzorFTW

there are more and more threads coming out every day with the same problem and concerns.

this is a real issue and needs a real solution.

many of us were unjustly banned and we need your help


what surprises me is usually they’re quite responsive to forum posts. Yet this one, with the amount of views + feedback, there seems to be no CM presence. I get that they don’t have control/ power over ban appeals but they should have the email of management so they can send in an “important feedback” and let them know this is a major problem that many loyal players are facing. Its honestly a problem AGS can’t delay/ put aside as it’ll keep accumulating and soon enough even more players get falsely banned and their support team gets even more overwhelmed and result in even more bot/ unattended replies.

Fix it while you still can before its too late.


I made a separate post earlier, but at @Teezy’s suggestion I thought I’d repost my sister’s experience in this thread.


@Roxx Please address this I know you’re busy but this a huge problem for people.


When you falsely ban 10,000 accounts who spends on average of $50 a month in the game. Thats $500,000 that Executives will see missing in Q3 report…if not more. And you keep doing it without changing the system, the more $ money you lose from Crystal purchases…the more shareholder put heat on executives and the executives put heats on their employees.