Change The Flawed Ban/Appeal System

yeah abit lesser bot.
used to be 90% bot.
now 70% bot
no make much different

aglee. Not much diff. Now 70% bot for sure

@Community-Team ?

10 days from this post. Still no answer… is there any place where we can escalate this issue? giving feedback doesn’t work

just checked their daily players, dropped from 300k last week to 100k this week. Hmmm good bot detection or more false bans :face_with_monocle:

30 tickets, 7 live chats and 2 phone calls and 5 unanswered DMs. This is crazy. If this doesn’t get corrected soon I’m going to have to find a new game to stream. If I was asmon famous this would’ve been reversed immediately. TLDR: Getting gifted currency on stream must also be against their rules, for some people.


if you are waiting this long that probably means they already looked into your case and decided to keep you banned. they cannot keep answering every so called “false ban” in the forums.

We are not trying to appeal the suspension in the forum, we are giving feedback about how the system is flawed, don’t try to cover it or make up an excuse.
They need to change it, they should give a reason for every warning/suspension/ban so we know how to appeal
Most of us got a temporary suspension w/o any warning, according to their website it should last between 1 to 7 days but that’s not true


If only their appeal responses contained actual replies and details/ evidence. They won’t be flooded with multiple appeals. Honestly, spend an extra minute and type out an extra sentence, avoid reading the same appeal again XD


This is interesting. I’m suspended for 8 months.

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Came back to see how you all were doing… we were in this together for a while.

Did some reading on the forums, and I’m 100% sure we won’t be getting a response.

Because what can they possibly say to justify the absolute random bullshit that they do ??

This person openly admits he did RMT, and he gets a very short cozy suspension for 3 weeks.

I get screwed by some asshole viewer after I spend 4k on the game legally and I get 3 months.

Some bro here got 8 months, and another one got banned because of a boss glitch on new world… yes, you read that correctly… someone got banned on “Lost Ark” and the official reason named a boss glitch on “New World” …. A DIFFERENT FUCKING GAME…

He spoke to over 50 CS guys and went through the absolute fucking joke of a process we went through and eventually got a CS guy with half a heart to help him out… it’s documented and everything…

Of course they won’t respond to this thread… they don’t have anything to say to possibly justify the random chaotic unprofessional bullshit their entire “moderation team” is doing on a daily basis.

I hope karma gets all of you mods


You created an account for the sole purpose of responding to threads that talk about bans…

I genuinely pity you…

My shoe has stuff on it after I walk my dogs that is probably cleaner than your heart.

Get a hobby sweetie… find something better to do with your life.

Be better

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3 years here. :hugs:

On a side note, the biasedness is amazing, I noticed that post as well. Then as @Rblav posted showed me the “temporary suspension” policy they have. Just made me wonder we all are being penalized for not abiding by a policy yet moderation team definitely is not abiding by a policy.

But anyways yeah was pretty sad after I saw that post with that guys I understood things were not being ran fairly to begin with so I started paying less attention to it all as none of it makes sense.


Perma banned here XD

But honestly, with how they treated us and how after 10+ days still 0 replies on forums & email. I’m glad I saved idk how many hours not playing lost ark


Stoopzz on Why A Lot of People Are Getting Banned Lost Ark - YouTube AGS finally going to see that theres a problem???


“Where do you think that gold came from” :rofl:

Made a post a while ago for the reason for my banned… all make sense now since I got fk right after I bus :neutral_face:… while never did any rmt or used malicious programs


Well. Along with lots of information in this whole thread to begin with, but ignored I suppose.


Greatest feedback /ignored/ section


@Community-Team you have created such a flawed appeal system that there is genuinely 1000s of people on the forums that will attack any player that remotely speaks of mistake bans…

and we know for a FACT you got a ton of them 100% wrong.

good job guys, you became the problem you were hired to solve.

ignorant jealousy driven immature people with nothing better to say than “LOL you RMT get fucked :joy: :joy: :joy:

and make no mistake, they react this way because you are yet to actually remove a mistaken ban that didn’t happen to a popular streamer.

i wish i had your job… easy money to do nothing except say “go to this link”

Karma is a ugly vengeful bitch, and she is coming for you one day… i just hope i hear about it, so i can smile and sleep well


You can add my case to this topic also,
I was found innocent by the moderation team and unbanned.
Within 3 minutes of logging in the auto-ban system flagged the level 10 gem sells in my pending mail without me even claiming them as RMT sells and re-banned me. got the same automated response this time saying im banned till feb 8 2022 for buying 654k gold.