Change the gold rapport rewards to pheons instead silver. Do something right


It’s punishing legitimate players instead of bots. Bots can get gold from anywhere. Stop hurting the real players while trying to battle with bots.

Bots won’t benefit from pheons at all. Players will. So it’s a no brainer.


Then we gonna have flipping bots :slight_smile:

That doesn’t make sense at all though. How exactly?

If you give 100k bots 100 pheons you have distributed 10 mil pheons. One (relic) item costs 25 pheons that means 400k transactions can be made.

At that point, pheons lose the only value they “supposedly” have - that is to prevent this kind of money making.

In WoW for example there are auction house bots which buy out all the items and sell them for way more - that is called flipping.

L take. Also it isnt practical even for bots

Wrong and uneducated opinions.

Every bot is given 162 pheons to product inventory upon creating the 1st character/steam account (celebration/gratitude chests)

Also they are constantly being given free pheons as daily rewards on EACH and every server they play. so 19 servers on EUC region with 50 pheons per server is 1112 (One Thousand and Twelve) pheons PER BOT ACCOUNT

And this is even without trying ANY kind of rapport effort.

The fact that what you suggest didn’t happen at all until this day debunks your whole imaginative scenario.

Pheons don’t mean anything to bots because bots do not waste gold for buying stuff on market. Every dollar is precious.

And no botter will waste the time to flip accessories for the market for unrealistic values. They gain gold by the minute. So every minute spent on a volatile market trying to find and buy and wait for the right time to flip items is extremely inefficient for a botter.

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Ok mr. right, that was a fact not an opinion - I said what MIGHT happen not what will.

I suggest you that you apply for AGS / SG and fix the game since you know everything about it :joy:

Still IMO Pheons should be acquired by playing content - Argos, Oreha Hard, Vykas, Valtan,… not rapport