Change the Relic Set for free?

Some Streamers said you change the Set to any other for free? how i do that?

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After either after creating and equipping an entire 6 piece relic set or it was the achievement for collecting 55 pieces or valtan mats and 55 Vykas mats, you gain access to an option to swap relic set effects at any time. Either way, it won’t be possible until after Vykas Legion Raid is added. There are many videos on youtube explaining this in details.

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Yeah after you get 55 mats of both types you will unlock this feature, after that you can use the mats and can still change the effects for free

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just to clairfy, I cant make anything before you have 55 of each? if you plan to swap of course.

You can craft any gear you want and after that hoard these mats to unlock the feature. Need to have 55 of each at same time.
You could do it the other way around, hoard these mats first, unlock it and then use the mats but having the set first will be more helpful for sure :laughing:

Damit! :rofl:

I want to craft weapon, bah need for vykas then :frowning:

It actually remembers how many of the pieces you’ve collected, it doesn’t just count the ones you currently have. You can see here that I only have 3 bones since I’ve crafted 4 relic pieces, but I meet the bone requirements to use the feature.

Once Vykas comes out it’ll take 5 weeks to unlock this feature if you clear HM every week assuming the wings are aquired at the same rate as the bones . If you get 2 of the boxes that will drop to 4 weeks.

No need to hold onto your wings/bones to unlock this, just craft your gear.

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