petition against the Founders Pack duplication

There’s a petition right now about the Founders Pack dupe glitch. I’m not posting this to stir up something, but because I hope the community can come together to show Amazon we want action taken.

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Should’ve duped yourself some plats like everyone else if it bothers you that much!

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Nice to see you doing this. signing it mate.

Nice to see you admitting the duping mate! Forwarded your message to admins so they can check your account :slight_smile:

I agree, something needs to be done to the people you exploited the glitch. Totally devalues the Plat/Gold founders packs of the people who played by the rules.

I hope we get a follow up from AGS about actions being taken against the dupers.

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If everyone had that mindset, the items from the founders packs would be completely worthless. It’s a good thing most people didn’t know it was possible to do.

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The only compensation I would want is to see these people banned.

It doesn’t seem 100% clear at this point whether it’s possible to replicate and exploit the glitch, as opposed to this just happening randomly to some players. But most people have gotten zero duplicates, and others have apparently gotten numerous… So I’d guess it can be exploited.