Changes I want to see

  1. Disable feather revives from PvP islands.

This is probably the worst design decision I have ever seen. You kill a guy and (for the cost of a feather) he respawns right next to you ~5 seconds later, invincible. Straight up insane on say Lush Reed Island where the feather respawn time is faster than the time it takes to open a chest, so even in the fringe outlier scenario where there’s only 2 of you at a chest then killing the other guy does basically nothing unless you kill them 300-500 times in a row to burn through all their feathers. Also terrible on Medeia where you kill someone to defend an objective and they just respawn next to it over and over. Even on other islands players get a competitive advantage by burning through feathers every death rather than choosing the base resurrect, which just seems incredibly dumb. They equalize stats and prohibit potions+battle items to give an even playing field, then let people get an advantage based on who’s prepared to burn the most feathers. PvP on this game already isn’t great and adding an element of competitive feather wasting just makes it even worse.

  1. Extra Lobby Options

Give us “Disable all cutscenes” as a Abyss Dungeon lobby option. It’s incredibly frustrating when 3/4 or 7/8 of the lobby hits skip and still you get forced to sit through minutes of cutscenes because 1 guy didn’t get the memo (even people ask 20 times) or because they actively want to troll. The cutscene time can be longer than the battle time in PhantomPalace 2 lol.
Give us “Retain lobby master” as an Abyss Dungeon lobby option so the same person keeps control of the lobby rather than it getting reassigned to whoever left the dungeon the fastest. This helps avoid silly scenarios where a random player gets lobby master without realising it, or someone gets lobby master without knowing how it works and then the rest of the group has to explain how to pass it back.
Not sure how easy it would be to implement but a “Raid Sequence” option could be nice too, allowing people to set up a sequence of abyss dungeons in a row and proceed through them in order. So you beat the first dungeon, then you get a ready check to accept moving to the second (where the game checks entry validity), without needing to pop back to the party finder lobby over and over again.

  1. Collectibles and food items should be droppable from field bosses even after you already spent your field boss entry.

Killing a field boss 30/50/100 times to get a collectible is okay.

Losing 30/50/100 high level field boss entries because of the opportunity cost of killing low level field bosses is awful and creates an unnecessary and annoying conflict between horizontal and vertical progression.

  1. Minimum bid for auction items is insane and need to be revised.

50 gold minimum bid for engraving books is utterly stupid when most engraving books cost 1-15 gold. The vast vast majority of auction items are not worth anything near this 50g minimum bid (probably >80% of items aren’t worth bidding on). Maybe in the far future prices will inflate a lot and and this minimum bid threshold will make more sense, but that’s a long way off and certainly for now the pricing is insane and even if prices do change in the very long term then people would just bid higher than the minimum anyway competing for items. I also really doubt epic engraving books will stabilize at 50g+ prices anyway considering how many they give out for free.

  1. Remove pheons.

I know it won’t happen, but pheons are straight garbage so they still warrant complaint. All the arguments in favour of pheons are, quite simply, wrong and pheons have a substantial negative impact on the game.

  1. Grace period to abandon entry limited content without consuming your entries

By this I mean things like ghost ship or adventure islands mainly. I’ve entered a ghost ship and ended up in an instance with just 2 players which was completely impossible to win and consumed my entry. I’ve entered opportunity island and ended up in an instance with just 2 players, which prevented the fishing quest from starting and consumed my entry.

If you had say, 2 minutes to quickly leave a clearly doomed instance without consuming your entry I think that would be a lot fairer.

  1. Adventure island time thresholds should be better balanced

Something like phantomwing or oblivion island is an easy platinum every time. Volare on the other hand is a silver reward every time I’ve done it, even grouping up and trying to tryhard it.

It isn’t that important, I just think it’s a bit silly that some adv islands are much much easier than others to get max rewards from.

  1. When mousing over an item there should be a key-combination you can press that opens a pop up explaining the engraving effects on that item

Experienced veteran players will learn what all the engraving effects are so they don’t need this feature, but for inexperienced newbies it’s an extra layer of friction if they need to go into the engraving effects menu and search for the engraving effect to find out what it actually does. It also doesn’t help that the game has some nonsense counterintuitive names for things. Spirit Adsorption is an absurd name for a +attack speed & +move speed effect. If you found 1000 people who knew nothing about the game and asked them to guess what they thought the “Spirit Adsorption” engraving effect did, then precisely zero of them would say that.

  1. Ability to set unas tasks to auto-accept.

Okay you can set things as favourites and it doesn’t take long to enter the una menu and accept favourites. But sometimes people forget and it can be annoying if you do something that’s time-restricted (e.g. Alikar, She-Drifts-She-Gifts) or entry-limited (e.g. boss rush weekly, cube weekly) and then discover that you didn’t actually activate the una task before hand.

If you’re running the same tasks over and over again (which is what most people do) then I think it makes sense to be able to set them to auto-activate. If you hate the auto-accept idea and really passionately believe that going into the una task menu to accept tasks really adds value to the game then… uhh you could just not use the auto option.

They could even have this as a crystalline aura benefit. A tiny quality of life convenience feature that saves players a small amount of time.

I also think players should be able to set a task as favourite without needing to have completed the task beforehand. It’s absolutely fair and sensible to prohibit players from auto-completing an una until they’ve completed it once manually, but I don’t see why the same applies to favouriting an una task.


this is insane i hope u gl on this wishlist u have man. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

All for one, and all for me!

i agree with your whole list! :slight_smile:

My only issue with your statements. Some people like myself enjoy the cutscenes. I remember my first p1 argos everyone was mad that i wanted to watch the cutscene. I didnt care and watched them anyway. But regardless, the vote to skip has to be unanimous and im glad. It wasnt much cutscene but it was part of my clear experience and i enjoyed it (i watched p1-p3) and i will do it again in valtan lol.

Basically what im saying is let people enjoy it, they may not be “trolling” they could be wanting to watch it for the first time. Just a few minutes, for some entertainment.

Side note: i remember running a friend through brelshaza abyss dung (460 palace) and everyone was skipping but her cause she wanted to see the cutscene at the end. One of the people in the group said “i never seen this… this is actually a nice cinematic”. Made me think about the people who speed through content without enjoying it. Feels like a disservice to me.

Rest of what you said i can somewhat agree with tbh. Except pheons, they’re not that bad. They’re not the best, but it has its upside aswell as its downsides. Nobody loves the system, we just learn to accept it.