Changes To Naming Conventions for NA/EU

It seems from the January update that the naming conventions for characters and guilds are different than from other regions. Other regions permit similar rules, but allow a second capital letter somewhere in the name (ex: McFly), while this has been specifically removed from the NA/EU versions.

What is the benefit of making naming conventions even more strict than other regions? The loosening of naming restrictions has been a popular request from the community since we knew the game was coming to the west. Is there sufficient benefit to making naming more strict? Is it enough to step in the opposite direction from what the community has been asking for?

If this change was for name security purposes, are there not better ways to handle this that do not heavily limit name creativity so much? Say, make naming restrictions looser, give an option for people to report a name within the game, and have reports prompt a bot to profanity check, and a manual check if it’s still an issue.

Context at the very least would help us understand why this change was made. I hope you’re able to provide us with some. Take care.


I do see this becoming a problem down the line, its annoying when you try about 20 different names and they all taken.


Yeah they should have just gone with what already exists in other regions. Let us use extra capitals. Free up names instantly after a lvl 1 character deletion. Free them up later for more invested characters. This stance of theirs is nonsensical.


Restricted naming in a F2P MMO that encourages alts is incredibly stupid.


This is massively ridiculous, you can understand it for usernames, but for guild names? I can’t remember one MMO I played where spaces on guild names weren’t allowed, much less capitals.

It will 100% become a problem down the line because it’s a change that appears small but represents so much limitation…


This stupid policy needs to go. It makes no sense AT ALL.


This is a huge issue, but I guess it should be easy to fix. We need to make our voice heard by AGS, so that they may adopt the same rules they have in other regions.

Do not let this thread go to waste. Behave, do not give them an excuse to close it.

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Is there a way to present this community feedback to the people or persons who could alter this change? Look at the player feedback already.

It’s only going to get worse as time continues and it’s just a blatant smack in the face when the community as a whole pretty much agrees on a few basic naming conventions, i.e, more than one capital letter, a space, etc. The community spoke out during the beta feedback, as evident on these forums, and still we get the same restrictions. The other regions don’t have this type of restriction and it’s a nonsensical stance to take. Of all the important things to consider and stand firm on, this is the hill AGS will die on? For real?

At least, let’s take a poll. Create an official poll for people and feedback. Push that information to whomever needs to see it and we can go from there. But taking such a harsh stance early on while ignoring your gaming community, just isn’t the way to make a healthy and, heaven forbid, enjoyable, fun game.

Instead, it just makes the entire studio out to be money hungry corporate suits who don’t care about the community and making it a player based, fun experience.


The changes to name rules are as vocal as the inclusion of Tier 3 content. Let’s see if AGS actually listens to their community or brush everyone off and double down on their asinine restrictions.

bump! Idk if this is a laziness issue, but please address AGS

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Hey, this was something brought up during the Beta, but that was unfortunately not changed for launch. I am not sure the possibility of getting this changed so close to launch, but I certainly understand the feedback and will share it as always.


Hopefully something can be done, because down the line they’ll likely ease the restrictions anyways once a certain amount of characters are made. It would be much better to do this right from the start to give all players the chance to name their toons the way they would like, using various combinations. Also, so our names don’t look weird if we want to use two words instead of just one. Idk it just seems lazy not to be doing this right from the start and there are already Reddit posts about this as well with people sharing similar views. @Roxx

My question to you is this… we have seen the ability to use spaces and more than one capital letter in the PTR footage shown in the recent trailers. Is it not possible to bring that over from the PTR build into the live build that Lost Ark will launch with in NA/EU?


Thank you for the response Roxx. Is this the same as it was during beta, or have more features been removed? If more were removed, can you tell us why?

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I can confirm that the naming rules for launch are more restrictive than Closed Beta since in the beta guilds could use a space in their name (so a guild name like Evil Muffin was possible). That’s now been removed and restricted (so the guild would now have to be Evilmuffin).

I like a lot of the restricitons put in place for Character and Guild Names to ensure they’re not overly silly and easy to type, but they should allow for 1 Space and a second Capitalization after the Space


I agree 100%. Well said.


This is the most sane and logical answer to the whole problem. And I’m fairly certain this is how it works on the NA/EU PTR if the trailer footage is anything to go by. Why AGS does not use that for the launch build is beyond me though.


Whatever the intentions behind this rule, Roxx, this isn’t going to result in less stupid guild names it’s going to result in utterly stupid guild names that don’t scan properly as English. Instead of “Army of Darkness” you’re going to get “Armyofdarkess.” And worse, with guild size restrictions at launch (max 30) many guilds that are even medium sized are having to launch multiple, associated guilds. Which is fine, we aren’t asking you to change that aspect of build knowing it’s impossible. But trying to name those related guilds without the ability to use a space or even capitalize the second word leads to even stupider names like “Armyofdarknesstwo.”

Please, do something. It’s a minorish issue. But is your game actually being run by people who couldn’t see this, you know, coming? Have these people played games before? An issue this basic is exactly the kind of thing that makes a player reasonably lose faith that you know what you’re doing.

Note, if this wasn’t raised more loudly during Beta, it was because everyone assumed this couldn’t possibly be intended. Think about that for a moment. This is so obviously dumb that even people looking for problems failed to flag it, because we assumed you can’t possibly be that dumb. Please stop your team from looking dumber than anyone legitimately believed possible.


At the BARE MINIMUM allow multiple capitalizations! ArmyofDarkness still looks sooooooo much better than Armyofdarkness