Changing colors of back and front attack indicators missing after update

Hi there, I know today was a very hard day for all, but I would like to understand if it was a decision or a bug. I used this function a lot, since I don’t agree blue being the default color of back attacks i would like to change it.

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I’ll see if I can get some information on this for you.

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gone. this update is a huge dumpster fire

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I brought this up right before the update. Their solution was to take it out since they couldn’t manage to fix the color going back to the default settings after you change characters.

For people that are partially color blind like myself this feature is really helpful because we can change it to the color we can actually see, and not the color it is set on which funny enough in this case something I cannot see.


I was hoping for this one feature to be fixed more than anything else this update. My disappointment when I saw it was just removed :<

The default colors are so bland and don’t stand out at all. I hate how even when they had custom colors most of the time I didn’t have them on since I had to change them every time I start the game.


I would like info about this aswell. I have hard time seeing default colours

Hopefully they can add this back in the next patch or two as the default light blue/white colors are hard for me to see so I use Red/Green :wink:

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I’m pretty sure it only changed back each time you launched the game client, but yeah totally removing it makes zero sense…cmon AGS

As someone else that really liked the colour change for directional attack indicators, if this wasn’t a bug or oversight I really hope it gets added back in. Just say it’s for accessibility,
AGS doesn’t hate colour-blind people do they? :wink:

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I’ve made so many posts about the issue of the color of the front/back indicator not saving whenever you relaunch the game, I guess they were tired of the complaining about us wanting a simple fix and just removed it completely.

I totally agree with OP. I cannot stand the front and back attack being unable to change color any longer. I hope they bring it back, I would rather spend a few second changing the front and back color to a brighter color than not having the option at all. PLEASE BY THE LOVE OF GOD BRING IT BACK I CANNOT STAND THE WHITE AND BLUE DEFAULT COLORS.

weirdest thing is on my two alts I still got my previously changed colors.


Bump. Really upset at the colors resetting back over and over but their answer was to just remove the option? Lol

This setting disappearing is indeed a bug and not an intentional change, we have it out for a fix (hopefully) as soon as our next weekly update



at least we have hope now.

Thank you Roxx.

so this week fix ?