Changing item appearance/transmutation

I tried to find a similar post/question but since I could not find it I thought this would be a good place to drop this.
Is there an option in the game that allows players to alter item appearance(talking about gear pieces here)? Something like transmuting some item piece with another to have the visuals of 1 item and stats of the other one. Or just overall changing appearance of an item to something else. I know there is something to be done with avatars but what about actual gear pieces?
If this was already addressed feel free to point me into that direction.

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No one use gears appearance, everyone use avatar/skins, they are separated in 4 pieces, hat, body, legs and weapon. You can use a different piece from a different set of avatar and can change the color. That’s it, no trasmo on gears because no one use that as appearance.

In the beta I’ve seen only 2 skins so I was wondering if maybe transmuting was a thing to make us look good since those 2 skins didnt cut it for me.

There will be tons of skins, don’t worry


On the other versions of the game, are there a lot of skins acquirable by gold or doing game content such as PVE and PVP? Even though I know it is important for the devs to sell skins on the cash store, I hope they can develop a lot of skins for the “F2P” players as well.

Usually, on the games I played, the cash store outfits were mostly roleplaying (pajamas, fashion, or beach outfits), which I consider very nice.

Yes, there are free skins.
Anyway you can buy every skin as f2p just buying it from the action house from other players with gold.


FYI you can get avatar versions of the gear sets.


I’m quite curious about that, and how it’s done. I wasn’t able to get that far in the beta to try out that kind of stuff, but if possible I saw some class set looks I’d actually really like to be able to use when I want if it’s possible.