Changing stagger level in PvP

What does tripods that change the stagger level do for PvP?
For example, certain tripod change the stagger level from low to medium or medium to high.

Bump, curious as well

There are 3 types of cc in the game and 3 types of sa(super armor) so for example if ability 1 has tier 1 cc (stagger) and the enemy uses tier1 SA then that ability wont Cc the enemy, but when you upgrade it to tier 2 cc and the enemy still use only t1 SA then it will cc the enemy, the game revolves around trading cc and SA. Hope that answers your question.

I would recommend you to watch a video in youtube about the different ccs and SA.

Here a good explanation of it by one of the best players i know of.

Cc and sa explained in pvp

Edit: please ignore the written above the level of the stagger probably has no meaning in pvp.

Actually i don’t even think it does anything

I don’t think it does anything in pvp I was wrong. I think paralysis immunity blocks from all levels of stagger CC and it only applies to PVE boss fights for more stagger damage.

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i think soft stagger is referring to just being staggered while moving and no animation at all

and hard stagger is being staggered through animations (but no paralysis immunity)

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If i change my turning slash from mid to high stagger I don’t think it will stagger someone in paralysis immunity…actually curious im gonna test

Exactly, soft stagger can be ignored by just autoattacking, while for hard stagger you need t1 sa.

yep basically. I think it just affects stagger damage in pve against bosses

Great please let me know the result if thats not a problem.

Thats for sure , but i thought it also represents the tier of cc or atleast on zerker they are very well separated as i listed above, but that could be just a coincidence.

nah it doesn’t [high] stagger and [low] stagger are both t1 cc

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Then you are right, its just pve related. Thanks!

didn’t test it yet, impossible finding someone to test it on

Please let me know if you manage to test it.

probably gonna say w/e, no one will help lol

I am sorry that i cant help for the test either

Technically not correct. Hard staggers go through autoattacks, soft staggers do not.

[high]-[mid]-[low] stagger does not count as hard or soft stagger. It’s just a pve metric, but yes that’s correct

The higher the stagger level the easier to apply debuff or counterattack