Changing to New Server

    Hello I'm here at the complaint of many players through a wide range of servers, Most of us find it impractical for us to switch servers and frankly a little unreasonable to switch servers even if its not the right server for us. For example Players cant be awarded the Free Trixion Passes once they hit level 50 again completely forcing us to either do Knowledge transfer or manually level our characters to 50, A large majority of players on the side of debating whether its worth it to switch servers feel as if a server transfer ticket is in prompt, while I do not believe that is applicable in this situation as [**ROSTER INFO]** might be hard to transfer, So it has come to attention that most players would not like to repeat story or levelling when switching servers. And appropriate fix to this  complaint would be awarding a Trixion Pass that can be claimed on any server to instantly skip to Vern, as well as reinstating the '*Free Trixion Pass*' event on other servers. As to how fair this is, We don't think this would much affect the current servers. 
  Also another issue is "Why would I switch servers when I have much stuff on current server" This brings up a new problem, People have bought items or have items attached to their character that makes them not want to switch servers, While their isnt much that can be done to mitigate this issue, this is still an issue that is preventing many players from switching servers.
 In rise, Most players do not expect to change servers due to the losses they would experience and the massive amount of time would be needed to get to where they were currently at. **While I do believe that our requests may be to large,** it seems like if we want for people to experiment with server change they would like to mitigate time spent and would potentially prefer to have certain items moved around. At this I hope AMS puts consideration into helping players transfer server, And yes we are well aware we might be being a touch greedy in our requests, NAND it seems impossible for us to transfer roster info, as if we transferred our current roster that could cause problems, and giving us a new roster would cause to much issues, So yes I believe that Reinstating the 'Free Trixion Pass' & awarding a Trixion Pass to help us level our first character would not be inconsequential. Thank you for reading this, I admit this may be seem to high of a demand and accept any issues I have had in my logic, And if you share similar opinions alot of players would prefer if we spread a similar message and eventually get it to AMS's Eyes - Laywl (RCL, Avesta, Krnl AM3).

22/18/2 22:32 CPT: Hello im aware I used the wording of “Knowledge Transfer” But ive become to be aware that this is Impossible without having a previous Level Fifty character on the roster with completion of the Vern Main Story Line. Sorry for this mishap. If you find any issues with these texts, please message me or leave a reply, I’d love to keep posts like this with as much accurate info. Thank you - Laywl (RCL, Ave, Krnl AM3).