Changing zones while in queues

I’m not sure if I understand why this game locks you into a zone when you’re queuing.

If you leave a zone, you drop queue. Not only that… but if you’re queued for pvp and you switch zones… it removes you from the queue AND penalizes you like you declined a match… regardless if a match popped.

Please fix this… I should be able to still play the game and travel around while in queue. I feel like I can’t play the game in its entirety whenever I want to do some pvp.

Lost ark is not open world, each zone is a new instance, when you change zones you change your instance, and when you que in a zone , that que is tied to that specific instance

I don’t care. They need to fix it.

in order for that to be fixed the whole game needs to be open world, which is impossible at this point

No. That’s simple-minded. There is a way to have instanced zones and still remain in the queue. Even if that means pausing the queue itself until you load in.