Channel Drop-Down-Menu remains black

Heya, since today me and other Guildmates encountered that the drop-down-menu in the top right corner, where you can see and switch your channel, is just black. You can open it and see all the channels, but even after switching it remains black so when you enter a region you don’t know in which channel you are in.

iirc, yesterday it was fine, but not that sure as we’ve done mostly instances. EUC Beatrice Server.

Channel menu bug1

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Hey there, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I appreciate the additional information, could you clarify your Character name? :slight_smile:

@o-o Name of my main is Agilana, but got the same problem on my alts too. Doesn’t matter which region, or if its land or sea. Same for my guildmates, also just watching a Streamer (SenderFN) and he got the same issue, he’s playing on an other server. Also doesn’t matter if client is in english or german.

Just started the game again, issue remains, no matter which char or region. Hope this does help.

Can confirm this issue. Happens for all of my characters as well.

Same issue here.

Heya! I appreciate the additional information. I will get this report forwarded to the Development team to review.

Thank you to everyone coming forward and confirming you’ve experienced this issue also.