Chaos 2nd boss drop is definitely bugged or hiddenly nerfed

I believe this topic isn’t the first time being mentioned but it has been more than a week since people noticed this issue and still no update from official? The drop from 2nd room chaos boss is just getting ridiculous. I thought it was RNG at the beginning but I am not convinced until today.

Screenshot 2022-05-05 124809

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I just think something is messing with the named mob drop list…

I had 2 leap stones in the whole run what a joke, maybe they want us to spend real money so they can keep their jobs.

@Roxx We need immediate attention on this issue whether if it is really bugged or just RNG. We need answer asap since this is our daily routine…

Yeah, they know it’s bugged. KR had a similar bug on a similar patch cycle. Roxx already has the team looking into it. It’ll probably be fixed with the Valtan patch but i really hope they fix it sooner. It’s kinda…terrible.

Did KR get compensation for this because it’s been going on since the Lost Ark pass patch. Two weeks now so it will be 5 weeks of reduced loot if that’s the case of waiting for Valtan to patch it.

That I do not know. I just know it happened from a few fellow KR friends. However it was before I actually played on the server. Hopefully though we get something for it. It’s also likely, we’ll just get another honing type event soon, so it won’t even be needed.

Still, definitely annoying. Has massively slowed down progress and profits.

Please stop. The only reason they have let this fester for a good couple months is because of people like you gatekeeping others from actually fixing legitimate bugs.

They already responded in this.

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You all just dont do enough chaos dungeons with alts of the same ilvl…its RNG, sometimes its bad drops like in the screenshot and sometimes its good drops. RNG is RNG, no one owes you anything.

No it’s been clearly acknowledged as being a bug. Cya

Bro, I am running 6 T3 alts with 1445 main. What u mean not enough running on same lvl? Anyway, we get the answer now.

Only 6 at above 1340? I have 13…do more i guess so you can have a better picture.


I guess you just decided to come here being toxic. If you don’t agree other’s concern just move the fk on

Problem gets acknowledged and gets actually investigated, but he still claims its baseless complains, actual 0 iq this guy.

That person is just a troll, don’t pay attention to his non-sense. I hope this problem is fixed soon as well. I have the similar problems and few other guild-mates also noticed this change