Chaos and Guardian Raid Issues

So I tried to a Chaos Illusion 2 (Phantom 2). Our group completed the first aura, but it would not let us go to the second area. We got a “your group is no longer eligible” message. Shortly after that my screen went completely black except for the mouse. I had to alt F4 out of the game. Problem is, I lost the Resonance because of it.

Directly after that I tried to do a Guardian raid for Lumerus. I did matchmaking but only I entered the instance. I was not in a party and nobody else joined. I used Song of Escape to leave, and now I have a penalty and can’t enter the raid again. The game doesn’t tell me what the penalty is or how long it lasts, though I can assume it’s some sort of “leave early” penalty.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Is there a way to request my lost Resonance back somehow? The lockout for the Guardian doesn’t bother me much, but I’m kind of annoyed at losing one of my Chaos runs for the day.