Chaos bug after Getting dced

I was randomly kicked out of my chaos after reconnecting from a DC with a message “Already finished chaos dungeon?”.
Reproduction in my case:

  1. → Got gold portal, killed the tooki inside
  2. → Tried to exit the golden stage and upon clicking on the portal my game completely shutdown with no message/error whatsoever.
  3. → reconnected within 2minutes only to get kicked out of the chaos instantly upon entry with a message along the lines of “Already finished chaos dungeon” I don’t fully remember the exact wording and I was unable to screenshot it in time.

Rip that remaining 40%+. I have never encountered such an issue before and I generally have no dcs ever.

Thanks for reporting this! What is your character name and server name?

Hello, My character name is “Uwupwincess” and the server is EUC Inanna. And just to clarify, yes that name is a joke (it’s a male character after all.)

Thanks for providing me with this info. I’ll get this over to the team and sorry for the late reply.