Chaos dung FPS drop? since last wednesday

i have a big FPS drop on chaos dungeons only… i got from 179 FPS to like …a spike to 40-60 when engaging mobs and using skills… i don’t get this anywhere else in the game and I’ve noticed it more less since last Wednesday.

i have adjusted my GFX to lowest…to see if that was a issues even though since day one ive had ZERO problems on max/quality ect…

anyone else having issues if so how did you fix?

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Sorry I wish I could help.
I wouldn’t know, I been in queue since last wednesday

I’m having the same issue, where only in chaos dungeons I’m getting crazy fps drops to 20-30fps. I have a RTX2080 and I cap my fps at 120 fps. Also, I play in high settings and its always at 120 fps when I play. And my NVidia driver is up to date.

Please fix this issue. Its really tough to play 6 characters with this crazy fps drop.

Desactivar en el chat la EXP ganada.

They raised resource consumption to force bot farms to reduce amount of clients on one machine.

Oh boy i had the same issue for a long time, but then i decided to adjust my PC for losk ark specificly.
There are many guides to do that i suggest you to look for one.
It helped me.

Disable on main NORMAL chat the loot drops and XP gained (you can keep them on SYSTEM chat for example).