Chaos Dungeon 1415+

Why do I have to repeat the Story line to farm Chaos Dungeon for my alts. Why isn’t it like all other requirements that, once it’s done on your Main, you don’t have to do it on your alts?

While I agree it’s tiresome, just do them, you get free cards anyways. Assuming you’re talking about south vern

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Because you always have to do the story line to do the chaos. Its been like that since the start. Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, Feiton, Punika and South Vern. To do the respective chaos, you always needed to do the story.

You would think that after something like the 2nd or 3rd character they would just lift that restriction from your roster. Doing south vern 8 times is not worth all the garbage cards im gonna open from the RNG packs anyway.

Yeah I’m not against clearing it , just one time is enough . In my opinion.

it’s just like any other content that’s gated, lower tier chaos dungeons need rohendel yorn and feiton story completed, to unlock rolling gems, u need yorn story, for tower theres a story gate as well

It’s like one of those things that developers say “we put time and effort to make this, you better enjoy/do it if u want to proceed”

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I enjoyed it the first time. I tolerated it the 2nd and 2rd. I was annoyed by the 4th and downright dreaded it 5th-8th time. Its not some epic masterpiece of content. Its a g spam, sit still in a citcle for x amount of time, /action fiesta. Its overkill for large rosters. I would literally pay 20$ per character to skip it


let’s all be honest, we enjoyed first, but started going steep downhill on 2nd and hit rock bottom when we had to kneel in front of Shandi and watch it get dark.

they should allow us an option to skip it completely for an account after clearing it without skipping any cutscene, that way people will actually watch those scenes and appreciate the work done instead of Esc spamming. In fact every game from now on should do that for such things as it’s pretty much griefing done by developers.

if it’s a masterpiece we are willing to make another account to simply experience it again. But it’s not, stop treating like it is


That’s right; if consistency is the crux of the issue, let’s talk about consistency. You need to do every MSQ to access each new tier of chaos dungeon, but- here’s the kicker - you can pay the game to use a Knowledge Transfer.

What is that, you ask? It’s an option to trade gold instead of grinding time and have your MSQ done in 8 hours by your friends in the stronghold. It’s there for every single MSQ that gatekeeps Chaos Dungeons except for South Vern.

Release South Vern Knowledge Transfer.