Chaos Dungeon AFKs

If we’re in a chaos dungeon and we have a player who is afk dies, we can’t progress to the next floor. We can’t even kick the individual out nor report due to what I’m assuming, dead or a different server? Its extremely unfair to players who are using their auras to complete their daily and you get trolls like this. Please fix this by allowing us to kick players out in a chaos dungeon or have an auto kick from being afk.


best solution is to run them solo


I understand that is an option however, that would just make playing with friends (not full party) or matchmaking pointless. We shouldn’t have this issue regardless. This issue is becoming more frequent.

If youre playing with 1 or 2 other friends, can you not just party together and click “Enter” rather than Matchmaking? Im assuming it would work the same as any other mode and just scale the difficulty to the number in your party…

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“run them solo” is not a solution to the problem that you cant kick griefers out of group content, same thing happens in abyss and guardian raids where you cant kick people because they are “in the wrong area”
people have serious comprehension problems.

its stupid and makes the whole function useless.

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You can vote kick players

everyone in the party needs to control click said players name in the party frames, and click “warn”

Once everyone in the party has warned said player, you can then initiate a vote kick

Pretty bad system, but it exists

please read my post again. you seem to not understand it

Yeah I misunderstood, my bad, warning and vote kicking should apply to OP’s issue though, unless “in the wrong area” is a bug and applies in chaos dungeons as well

It doesn’t apply due to the 'in the wrong area" message that the system tells you afterwards. Never had problems like this before with other players so I never felt the need to even kick anyone till now.