Chaos Dungeon Aura of Resonance lost

Server- Nineveh
Player- Pussycayt
Just the game crashed when I got the portal for Level 3

Tried to start the game without verify, selected char and it appeared again the loading screen.
I came back in and was at level 3, ,just started hiting the mobs, then got loading screen and I am back into the city I was in (North Vern)
Now my aura is 0/0 .

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having the same issue

Still don’t receive any aura trough mail ,seems legit. Thank you very much,Amazon & Smilegates. :slight_smile:

1 minute ago, got into red portal and the game just stay frozen like this.

same happened to many others
example: Lost ark client crashed after entering boss room in chaos dungeon - #8 by Chaffedlips
We are waiting for any statement from their side but I wouldn’t expect any compensation